The special baccalaureate session begins

141 candidates registered for the maturity exam session, which starts today with the written test in Romanian Language and Literature.

The compulsory profile test takes place on Tuesday, and the profile and specialization test is chosen on Wednesday. The last written test, Mother Tongue and Literature, is scheduled for Thursday.

According to the situations transmitted by the school inspectorates, in 9 counties (Alba, Arad, Călăraşi, Dâmboviţa, Ilfov, Neamţ, Sălaj, Teleorman and Timiş) no situations were recorded that would determine the organization of the written tests related to this special stage. In the Capital, 12 candidates will take the exam, and in the counties of Caraş-Severin, Tulcea and Vaslui – only one candidate each.

The promotion rate (graduates from the current promotion and from the previous promotions), registered at the first session of June-July 2020 of the national Baccalaureate exam, without the special stage, after solving the appeals, is 64.5%, announced the Ministry of Education.

For the current promotion, the promotion rate is 72.9%, and for previous promotions 27.7%

Thus, out of the total of 147,794 candidates present, 95,399 candidates passed: 87,887 candidates belong to the 2020 promotion (compared to 84,833 successful candidates in last year’s promotion), and 7,512 come from previous promotions (increasing, compared to 4,383 successful candidates in 2019). The number of averages of 10 (ten) increased to 307.

Out of the 155,639 registered candidates, 147,794 candidates presented themselves (120,627 candidates from the current promotion, respectively 27,167 candidates from the previous promotions).

The minimum passing grade for each test is 5 and the final average for passing the exam is at least 6. The passing percentage was calculated from the total number of candidates present, including in this category also the eliminated candidates.