The soma service, which sacrificed complete freedom of speech, had to create rules: Cakes, sniffs and death threats were banned

Parler is still very unknown in Finland, but in the United States it has a strong fan base. Active users of the service include, for example, numerous conservative politicians and several far-right supporters, The Guardian says.

Many users have been fired from Twitter or other somebody services. Parler had to get a roar of hate speech about the fullness of his heart. However, with the popularity of the service soaring, there have been strict rules for discussion.

CEO of Parler John Matze has, in its recent update, set limits on freedom of expression. For example, photos of poop sent for discussion as a sign of disagreement are now banned. It is also illegal to post porn images, and you must not choose anything obscene for your username. Conversations must also not be filled with mere interviews, and death threats are no longer allowed.

Until a few days ago, Parler inspired new users with the slogan “If you can say it on the streets of New York, you can say it in Parler”. Apparently, however, the language of the streets was too harsh for maintenance. The false jaws of the network immediately became enthusiastic about commenting on the new rules. Twitter, for example, allows most of the things that Parler, meant to be a safe haven for those expelled from Twitter. One Twitter user joked that severe assault threats were still allowed as long as his message confirms his intention to keep his target alive.