The sister of the coach who ended her father’s life recounts the events

Pilar has assured that “her brother is the best person in the world” and that the truth is not being told from television programs:

“Instead of watching over my father after his death, my mother and I have been watching over my brother who he is even more handsome inside than outside. In this society mental illness is undervalued, you say bipolarity or schizophrenia and he’s crazy, it is not given the importance that it really has (…) My parents and I have spent a lot with my brother. ”

We speak with Pilar, the sister of Mr. Murcia

“My brother has a disease that he has never finished accepting, the bipolarity (…) Only my parents and I know how much my brother has suffered from having this disease (…) My brother loved my father and my father loved my brother, but it is true that my brother these last weeks was down and he had a hard time taking the medicineMy parents were after him, asking him please to take it (…) The one who had the worst time was my brother, I was super depressedcrying nonstop sleeping with my father asking him to hug him as if I were a small child (…) My father and my brother went to Madrid and my mother and I stayed in our house super quiet (…) Here there is no morbid story, there is only a love story, my father was a hero and he has taken the cloak to heaven (…) My brother wanted to take his life because he couldn’t stand himselfHe has tried several times, my father wanted to avoid what he would not have endured in life (…) I only ask that you let us watch over my father and continue fighting for my brother (…) When my brother wakes up and sees what has happened he is going to die of pain that his father is no longer (…) It was an accident for love, a family disgrace. ”