The show Here Vary, film one: Australian romance Before the summer ends

It starts so lightly: 16-year-old Milla, who we don’t know about being sick yet, returns from school and a boy bumps into her on the platform, and parents all over the world would say, “Then don’t bring me home!” directed by Shannon Murphy, who became a spectator hit at the Venice Film Festival, where she won several awards, opens the show Here in Vary on Friday, July 3, at 8:00 p.m.; in the summer it enters the Czech distribution.

Twenty-three-year-old Moses is out of work and homeless. But she has a beautiful soul, and what about the fact that only Milla sees her, endowed with a valuable ability to unite people. Thus, Moses fits seamlessly into the comfortable life of Milla’s family, which includes a musician and a prosperous psychiatrist (played by the great Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, who was in Vary in 2015); also because Father Henry is not far from the variety of pills Moses needs, thanks to his profession.

One of the most romantic comedies in the world, the legendary American Love Story from 1970, has dressed in a more modern, much more civilian character for half a century, added unsentimental humor and edited itself with Jane Campion’s Piano. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t cry over the opening film of the show HERE VARY.

Australian director Shannon Murphy honestly stripped her debut of a dead, romantic and predictable character. Moreover, in the visually interesting image (great camera Andrew Commis), he focuses not only on the young central couple, but on the community as a whole: what makes Millini’s understanding parents “better” than that vandalist, except that they bite their drugs in the warmth of the family home and not on the street? The film thus works truly with the supporting characters, whether it is a neighbor with a disobedient dog or a music teacher.

In addition, with the idea of ​​first love, which is supposed to fail, the film plays with philosophical precision. Milla knows that she will no longer have the luxury of a second love attempt, Moses is simply the only one for her, forever. And she would take care of him, even if it cost her her life. Literally.

If Vary was a “normal” Vary this year, for example 22-year-old Australian Eliza Scanlenová, known from the series Sharp Objects and the film Little Women, would come here. We would write about her as one of the actresses who will come to the Czech festival at the beginning of their career and immediately then catapult to the heights of Hollywood (the KV IFF has already experienced Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, among others). Today we can only write that in the drama of adolescence Before the end of summer she gave an extremely mature performance. And that a great future awaits her.