The share of positives was 6.4 percent on Wednesday. The situation improved on Thursday: with 2,734 PCR tests and 122 infections, the share was 4.5 percent, according to data from the Covid-19 Tracker. If we compare this with last Thursday, when they performed 3915 PCR tests and with 280 new cases of infection, the share of positive ones was 7.2 percent, it is clear that the situation is improving.


Yesterday, after 3030 PCR tests, the authorities confirmed 195 new infections. The share of positives was 6.4 percent.

165 covid patients were hospitalized, 172 the day before, 48 in intensive care, 39 on Wednesday. Four people died.


The seven-day average of confirmed cases fell below 200 – now 178. As of yesterday, it was 201.