The secret of not getting infected even after riding a passenger car with the corona 19 confirmed person is the’mask’

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Mr. A, who was being hospitalized for 7 days in a 4-person room at a hospital in Seoul for leg surgery, was confirmed on Corona 19 on the 18th of last month. As Mr. A and other inpatients did not wear masks well, four more patients were confirmed soon after. However, none of the 17 medical staff who wore masks and contacted Mr. A were infected. Coronal 19 infection was altered with just a mask.

On the 17th, the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters (Bangbang) released cases that prevented further spread of Corona 19 by wearing a mask. Although the transmission power of the Corona 19 virus is very high, epidemiological studies have confirmed that even with a thorough mask, a significant amount of secondary infection is blocked.

On the 27th of last month, it was thanks to the mask that the unidentified B of Gwangju and three people who were close to an hour in the car were not infected. Even at the Suwon Central Baptist Church in Gyeonggi-do, thanks to the action of “no admission when the mask is not worn,” C and daughter with Corona 19 attended the service three times in the past month, but none of the 9,000 members spread. International Journal <랜싯>According to a study published in the case, the risk of corona19 infection was 5 times higher when the mask was not worn compared to the mask.

“As a result of the survey on wearing masks, the awareness of the necessity to wear masks in restaurants, cafes, and bars where corona 19 is at high risk is low.” “You have to wear a mask outside of your time.” This is because restaurants, cafes, and pubs are often difficult to keep more than 2m away.

In addition, Bang Dae-bon gave an example of wearing the wrong mask, such as the so-called’Tuxk’ (wearing a mask on the chin). This means that the mouth and nose should be completely covered so that there is no gap between the face and the mask. After wearing the mask, do not touch the surface, but only take off the string when removing it.