The sanctification of the drug trafficker Diabolik: his shirts for sale for charity

Now it’s the turn of a shirt, that of Fabrizio “Diabolik” Piscitelli. On sale a few days ago for the benefit and will of his family, the t-shirt is dedicated to the memory of the drug trafficker and leader of the Irreducible killed a year ago. On June 13, Geneva and Giorgia Piscitelli launched a Facebook page called “Fabrizio Diabolik, a friend of the curve”, a space that wants to give users back the memory of their friend Piscitelli, a fan of the stadium. “We are not interested in other things and we leave them to other people,” specify the Piscitelli heirs. An attempt to rehabilitate his figure, a narrative that has always allowed the drug trafficker to play on his multiple identities and his being the head of a criminal battery dedicated to drug dealing and usury, to deal with the clans that divide Rome, from the ‘ndragheta, to the Albanian clans passing through the Camorra family of the Sienese and to exchange favors with other players such as Giuliano Castellino who, as L’Espresso has told, has “sold” the headquarters in via Amulio where the Irriducibili first and the Ultras Lazio today they have their base of operations.

In addition to the historical rehabilitation of Piscitelli, the page launched on July 2, the anniversary of Piscitelli’s birth, also a charity campaign in favor of the association “Flavio and Francesco”, two young Lazio fans suffering from a rare disease, children of Marco Rosci, historical friend of the ultras Lazio chief: campaign that foresees for the sum of 18 euros the purchase of a shirt that represents Diabolik with other fans behind him, holding the banner of the “Irreducible”, all available on the “PayPal” circuit .

The Piscitelli family is not new to charity: during the funeral that took place at the Shrine of Divine Love and transformed from a private ceremony to a public funeral with fascists from all over Italy, money was collected then donated to the Italian Cystic Fibrosis League of Lazio, which some day after the receipt of the transfer, he thanked the family, with a letter signed by the President Silvana Mattia Colombi, for wanting to honor the memory “from the beloved Fabrizio” “giving hope to those who fight for a better future”.


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The Lega Italia Cystic Fibrosis did not care who Fabrizio Piscitelli was, just as the association “Flavio and Francesco” does not care that the proceeds for charitable activities come from the sale of a shirt depicting a criminal killed in circumstances yet to be clarified, both mindful of the ancient adage that “pecunia non olet”. Pecunia that Piscitelli moved casually by managing drug trafficking and usury, having no qualms about physically punishing those who did not pay or those who “showed no respect”.

The practice of sanctifying a criminal has its roots in the history of the Camorra and the cartels of South American drug trafficking, where the overlap between clan chief and benefactor is still in vogue. Sanctification that in the case of Diabolik was anticipated last summer by a mural in the Tor Pignattara area, immediately removed from the urban decor of the Municipality of Rome, and then with the theft of the bench where he was killed claimed by the “Irreducible” who claim to have put it to shelter from “infamy and malice”. According to rumors, the family is thinking of the anniversary of the killing of Piscitelli at the launch of an association that deals with social promotion. “The sale of the shirts would be a first sign in this sense also because when it will be known who killed him there will remain few doubts about who Piscitelli was and what he was doing and his daughters and his wife in some way will also have to protect the figure of the husband – explains one source – who was certainly an affectionate father, a caring man and never made him miss anything ». At what price, the reports and investigations have revealed it.

The initiative of the Piscitelli family is nothing new for the far right, which in all its nuances has always used mutual aid as a sort of screen for its territorial roots and for making money flow into its coffers with perfectly organized activities. licit. An operating method that throughout history has created a sort of moral shield for concerts by neo-Nazi groups, identity gatherings and the creation of T-shirts and other objects.


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Similar episodes also occurred during the lockdown phase where civil protection groups close to CasaPound, Forza Nuova, Ultras Lazio and other neo-fascist supporters, delivered food parcels to strictly Italian families. The black rescue boasts a network of numerous unrecognized associations or “non-profit” identities that throughout the national territory feed a sort of black third sector, a shower of money not registered because of the limited possibility of control given by the chosen association forms and the often one-person nature of recipients.