The sad end of the romantic comedy

1. The episode where Mehmed Kemal spoke of Sait Faik made me laugh a lot and made me think. Sait Faik bouncy man loves streets, traveling, adventures. His soul is wavy. We had more or less promised time with Leyla Erbil. He did not give secrets, of course, but it was obvious that he loved. Kemal wrote as follows;

“When I got acquainted, Sait’s head was in trouble. In the story he wrote, he had stumbled on the soldier’s foot and called him from martial law. He was very afraid of such things because he did not think of anything other than living and writing.

“Isn’t that a soldier human, what if they stumble?” he asked. He did not know that, according to the rulers of the time, the soldier would not stumble, as if he did not eat, drink or chill. ”

Some writers lay their own little lives in front of us, this is very valuable, whatever we forget; we know the coastal taverns, fishing boats, couples making love in the nook. It is natural for such people to escape from political fights. They sunk in prison.

Sait Faik suffered from lack of money and came from his nose until he accepted his authorship. Mehmed Kemal says;

“If he knew that he would be given awards and museums would be opened, he would say:” Do not spend so much, give me your money … ”

Man should have lived. ”

2.There is a discussion as “the spirit of the new age” and various concepts are developed. Actually, I don’t get stuck on this run. Of course, the world will change, information possibilities will develop, and humanity will learn more than we can imagine. But why would it be necessary for me to catch up as a person? Whatever my age is, who can argue that the values, the aesthetic measures I have gained there have been lost, lost, become insignificant? Can progress be explained like this? It is said that some professions, arts will not be the future, will it be so, should I consider myself incomplete, out of life?

3.I do not think that giving much importance to fashion and youth appeals means more than being a new consumer. We see that youth is not always looking for the better. They go after cheap books and praise it and spread it. The situation is worse in music! They listen to noise. Children who speak fast, present their voices through the machine, without knowing a single note, and enrich them with information facilities. Result? Frustration…

4.Any work without thought is not worthwhile. The ability allows to manage the temporary situation. Someone who manages to make a sound from every instrument he receives with his God tax ear, comes to the wall at day. It is possible to become famous if there is no right workmanship, if thought has not developed, but it is not to create an artistic product.

Although it was late, I watched the documentary İdil Biret. He has crowned the extraordinary merits of nature to him with his unique working power. I wish it was possible to watch every child! Not all creaking is music!

İdil Biret

5.I often come across those who have become so popular with the genre called “romantic comedy” in recent days. I got stuck on the last one, it’s such a terrible scenario, I haven’t seen acting. I am not close to cinema; I am not even a fan of art, my recipe is that “some movies are close to art, aesthetic works”. I’m not an expert, mine is subjective opinion. Anyway, I later learned that these films were not adapted from American productions. They find a boy who is thought to be a beautiful girl. It is not understood what children are saying, the name of incompetence has been natural acting. Come to the mother-in-law, make-up mafia rush, romantic and, of course, kissing with bad music.

6.There are also comedy cases. For example, there is a boy; he laughs out of sight, another is the singer, and he calls out the cheap Spanish melodies. However, Yılmaz entered these works ambitiously, and proceeded by questioning the order. Now he’s taking the job with these kids. Since he approached the palace, he has been betraying his art since Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s top friendship. Yilmaz’s treasure is of course “Yilmaz Güney has set out to become a southern palace!” I never count “İvedik”. He is embarrassed to watch him, but as far as I can tell, there is no one to see.

7.Orhan Veli meets Yahya Kemal on the Bosphorus ferry. Kemal does not care about his nose, Garip does not care about his poem. The subject opens the subject, Kemal: “Is there a new poem?” she asks. Isn’t it in Veli’s mind, he begins to read his legend, the legend.

“Once upon a time there was a bunch in this gamhane … Night nightingale was crying until dawn … When he was being beaten with his defeat, he was afraid … A sun was on the waves, nature was colorful … All laughter came together with this call …

Yahya Kemal is surprised, he likes it and wants to make a beautiful sentence: “Orhan Bey, if you try harder, you will pass us in this field”.


“Master, we do not take them seriously, we write for scribbling, ridicule”

I would really like to see Yahya Kemal’s face. I do not like his poetry, nor do I forget what he did to Nâzım.

Mehmed Kemal tells us full Lunch Rak stories.