The Road Directorate expects busyness on the roads Friday and Saturday

If you need to drive by car on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, you should be aware of the busy roads.

However, out of Copenhagen, traffic on Friday morning looks quiet, according to the Road Directorate. Probably because of vacation.

“But we expect greater pressure due to rush hour and people going to the cottage. We recommend avoiding driving on Friday between 2pm and 6pm, ”says Nicholas Pettersson, watchman at the Road Directorate’s Traffic Center.

The elementary school summer holidays already started last Friday, ie June 26, when many people went on vacation. The expectation of the Road Directorate is therefore that there will be less busi- ness this Friday.

“We don’t expect it to be as big and busy on Friday as last week, as there were a lot of people at work and at the same time many going on holiday. But the recommendation is still to avoid driving during rush hour and especially on the highways out of the bigger cities, because there are always smaller queues, ”says Nicholas Pettersson.

On Saturday, there was a lot of busyness on the roads. Tomorrow Saturday will be no exception and that trend will continue over the summer until week 32, the expectation sounds.

“We expect there will be a lot of cars out between 11am and 3pm. There will be a risk of queuing and extended travel time on a number of main routes,” says Nicholas Petterson.

Routes where longer travel time can be expected are:

  • E20 – especially between Odense and Middelfart
  • E45 to and from the Danish-German border
  • The main roads up to the cottage areas – especially in Zealand. Route 21 in Odsherred and route 16 to and from North Zealand

“There is often a lot of pressure between Odense and Middelfart because people have to cross the regions,” says Nicholas Pettersson.

On the worst routes, 10 to 20 minutes of extended travel time is expected. One of the reasons for Saturday’s hustle and bustle is that many Danes are going to vacation homes.

“Saturdays are changing days in many holiday homes when people buy it through the agencies. So that’s why we see many drivers on the roads. They just have to pack the car and have breakfast, and then they are out driving at 11am, ‘says Nicholas Petterson.

“But if accidents happen, the cows can get really long,” he says.

The risk of accidents on Saturday is greater than usual. For example, last Saturday there was a 30 minute delay on Funen due to an accident.

“When there are so many people who are out at the same time, the risk of accidents also increases. Not much is needed – for example, a minor accident and a wrecked car or other blocking one track on the Funen motorway – so we see that quite long queues occur quite quickly. So we encourage people to drive carefully and keep a good distance, “says Nicholas Petterson.

In addition, queues are expected at the Danish-German border. It is a typical picture on the big travel Saturdays that many Germans are going to Denmark. Here, for several years, queue formation at the border has been a regular component of summer traffic, says Nicholas Petterson.

“Ever since the border check was introduced, it has created queues. It is typically from the early morning hours throughout the morning, and then it becomes less and less during the afternoon. When it was worst, there was up to six kilometers of queue in to Denmark, ”he says.