The PSOE reaffirms its pacts with Cs and loses ERC, while the PP remains without supporting anything

The PSOE has done again multi-party pacts to approve the conclusions of the Commission for the Social and Economic Reconstruction of the country after the covid-19 crisis, but it has not managed to add the PP to any of the four documents debated this Friday. Three have been endorsed by Ciudadanos, its main ally, in addition to United We Can, but the government coalition has lost the support, which ERC had endorsed on Wednesday, in the text on social policy.

The body chaired by Patxi López was divided into four working groups to carry out its task: Health, Social Policies, Economy and the European Union. The four met last Wednesday to discuss the conclusions of their respective areas and This Friday the plenary of the commission was the stage for the debates.

Despite the fact that both the socialists and the ‘popular’ conspired on Wednesday to continue to approach positions on health and European documents, in the end the PP has decided to refrain again in both, while he has repeated his vote against the economic and social conclusions.

Citizens have voted in favor of all blocks of conclusions except that relating to Social Policies due to the Government’s refusal to expand concerted education, the aid it provides to help the public. Exactly the same as last Wednesday.

For his part, ERC has withdrawn its support for the text on Social Policy which did endorse two days ago, has voted against the economic and health bloc and has repeated its abstention in the EU, despite the fact that several amendments have been introduced to promote the role of communities in reconstruction and that they have led to support the text to Junts and the PNV.

The PNV, which in the working groups rejected all the texts, has made its position more flexible this Friday, supporting the one regarding the European Union, but has reiterated its ‘no’ to the other three. In the European bloc they have veered after agreeing with two socialists and purple transactionals that, among other things, They open the door for communities to participate in the execution of the Recovery Fund.

Bildu has chosen to vote against all the conclusions this Friday, despite the fact that he had abstained on the European Union and social policies on Wednesday. His argument: the PSOE’s refusal to repeal the labor reform and a tax on large fortunes, the invasion of powers and the inclusion of “measures agreed by the right.”

Benefits of the absence of VOX

Vox has not participated in any of the debates on the conclusions because it got out of the commission two weeks ago, alleging that it would only serve to exonerate the government if it “disastrous “management of the pandemic.

His absence from voting has made it easier for government groups to vote to the point that have been able to approve the solitary block of Social Policy.

Specifically, the votes for the different blocks of conclusions have been as follows:

The measures for reconstruction on Health and Health Policies They have been supported by the two parties of the Government and Citizens. ERC, PNV, Bildu, BNG and Junts have voted against, while PP, UPN, PRC, Teruel Exists and Más País have abstained.

The conclusions of the economic group they have come out ahead with the support of socialists, ‘purple’, Ciudadanos and Teruel Exists, PP, ERC, Junts, Bildu and BNG have been against and PNV, CC and PRC have abstained.

The parties of the Executive have approved in solitary the block on Social Policies and Care Because ERC, which on Wednesday supported it this Friday, has gone to ‘no’, where it has coincided with PP, Ciudadanos, PNV, Bildu and Junts. On their side, More Country, Teruel Exists and the PRC have abstained.

The block of the European Union It has been the one that has generated the most consensus, broadening even the one achieved last Wednesday when the first debate on amendments took place.

This Friday both Junts – who abstained on Wednesday – and the PNV – who then voted against – have joined. Both have endorsed the text after agreeing on various transactional agreements with PSOE and Unidas Podemos and they have also given the yes CC, Compromís and Más País. The PP and ERC have remained abstaining, with the PRC and Bildu has abandoned it to go to No, being they and the BNG the only ones who have voted against.