The priceless reaction when Felipe and Letizia appears at the restaurant where you are eating

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Capture of the Royal House.

The kings are still on the road in Spain and this Friday they have been in Benidorm and Valencia.

Felipe and Letizia They have toured Levante beach in the Alicante town of Benidorm where they have strolled through the crowd and where the king has taken advantage of a nougat ice cream. In fact, the queen has asked if they had no sugar. Of course, Letizia has not tried it.

Already in the afternoon, the kings have walked along the Paseo de Neptuno in Valencia, on the Malvarrosa beach, and have had lunch in one of the most typical restaurants in the area, specialized in paellas.

As it has been seen in the images given by the Royal House, Felipe and Letizia have walked for a few minutes parallel to the beach and have greeted some passers-by before reaching La Pepica.

At their entrance, the royal couple put on their masks and made use of the disinfectant gel installed in the access to the terrace. The faces of those present, as can be seen in the images, are a whole poem and range from surprise to joy.