The PP sees scope for the agreement but warns that if there is a massive regrowth “we are the same as in March”

“Outstretched hand and continue working”Because“ we still have almost 20 days in which we can still move forward ”and“ approach positions ”. This is how the GPP spokesperson has expressed in the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction, Ana Pastor, in Congress, where he regretted the lack of a minimum agreement with the PSOE in the conclusions of the Reconstruction commission that must be voted on in the plenary session of the Lower House at the end of the month. But he warned that it is still necessary to get the batteries on some issues, such as preparing the necessary measures to face an eventual massive regrowth in the autumn because, if the assumption is given, right now “we are just like we were in the month of February”.

After confirming its rejection of the documents of economic reactivation measures and of social policy and its abstention in those related to Health and the European Union, the PP has wanted to launch a conciliatory message, ensuring that there is scope to approach positions, but has put several important elements in which distances are maintained. In the case of health, on which the socialists regret that the PP has “dropped” from the agreement on health at the last moment, Pablo Casado’s party proposes a public health agency that is in charge of taking charge of the health crisis .

This agency would be in charge of designing a plan of action against pandemics, contingency plans in all socio-health centers, a network of microbiology laboratories or a national plan for digital transformation. But also, the popular ones consider essential an agreement on the calendar of legislative reforms in the health field, and the incorporation of an article that guarantees health resources every time new health measures are adopted, according to Pastor.

“The question is what have we done to deal with a massive outbreak,” said the PP spokeswoman, who has warned that “there has not been a single change in legislation,” although the PSOE has promised to include a paragraph in which you agree to set a legislative calendar. Pastor recalled that the royal decree 21-2020, on urgent measures of prevention, containment and coordination to deal with the health crisis, was going to be processed as a bill, but “we do not know anything”, he has denounced.

The royal decree 21 of 2020 that was going to be processed as a bill “we want it to be implemented immediately because if we have a regrowth in September or October, we are the same as in the month of February,” he warned.

In health matters, the spokeswoman also regretted that the PP’s proposal to recognize an extraordinary payment to all health workers or to create an office for the care of victims of Covid-19, as well as that it has been removed, has not been accepted. the word “victim” of the document.

Despite criticism from the PP also in other areas, such as the economy, with special emphasis on the government’s desire to dismantle the labor reform, Pastor has asked the groups to reflect on the remaining 18 days to reach an agreement. The PP sees “the basis for continuing to work” despite rejecting the repeal of the labor reform that the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Bildu have agreed to, which he has described as “outrageous”, as well as the alleged tax increase propped up by Sánchez this Thursday in a interview.

“We would have to achieve before the 22nd a pact with all the political groups in health”, so that it is necessary to “iron out the differences in order to reach a true commitment so that the health system is strengthened,” Pastor urged. But the differences also focus on social policies, where he explained that he opposes the government’s approach to school because “it attacks the freedom that parents have to choose” the education they want for their children. The deputy has reiterated her commitment to public and concerted education.

As for the policy of the European Union, the Government and the PP have maintained a hard clash over the supposed campaign of the popular to toughen economic conditions for Spain to access reconstruction funds. In this sense, Pastor has rejected that the Government intends to raise taxes on Spaniards with the excuse of the reconstruction fund and has indicated that “in the EU you have to be solidary and responsible.”