THE PICTURE ABOUT THE POWER-MRKEL RELATIONSHIP IS DISTORTED: In important parameters we are more dominant than Partizan

Crvena zvezda entered the 31st championship title, a parameter according to which the red and whites are far ahead of other clubs in Serbia.

Sports director of the club Mitar mrkela he referred to the successful season of his team.

– We are proud of the season behind us. Third title in a row. This happened for the third time in the 75 years of Zvezda’s history. We also played the group stage of European competitions for the third time in a row. The youths played the Champions League for the second time, thanks to the success of the first team. We won the triple, the champions are cadets, juniors and the first team. Can I have more? Very difficult, but we will try – said Mrkela.

PHOTO: FC Red Star

This is the third season for the former Red Star football player in the position of sports director.

– For me, this is the third title in a row in three years at the club. I am very proud of that fact. The titles were confirmed by playing in the group stage of the Champions League and the Europa League. We won seven points in the Champions League, which no one in the Balkans has succeeded in so far this season. This is an indication that it is not just about superiority in the league. There are few sports directors of European clubs who can boast of such a result. However, I know that the star’s audience wants new successes and that is why I am focused on what follows.

Mrkela considers that the ‘picture of the balance of power with the’ eternal rival ‘is quite distorted’

– In the championship, since I am the sports director, we have a positive score. We recorded two wins, five draws and only once did we lose. In addition, the Red Star had two regular goals annulled in two eternal derbies of the previous two seasons, Ben and Milunović, and there is also a goal that Partizan scored from offside. Since I have been at the club, in the past three seasons the total points difference in our favor is 70 points. We had to do better in the Cup because we lost to Macva and Partizan, but in everything else, realistically more important, we are dominant.

PHOTO: FC Red Star

Last season, the star affirmed several young football players who should represent the future of the club.

– We affirmed young players in the full sense of the word. Nikolic and Gavric they shone, Radulović he got his chance and used it as Konatar and Katic. They worked with the first team Babic and Blagojevic, and it is certain that coach Stanković will take our youth to the preparations. Of course, they were given a chance in the spring with good games and an advantage gained during the fall. It’s all connected.

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He touched Mrkela and internationals in the ranks of Zvezda.

The star is specific as a club. You have to give the maximum right away. Such are all the big clubs in Europe. The foreigners who came gave their contribution primarily in the fight for a place in the Champions League. The club is largely thanks to foreigners in two seasons Champions League earned 60 million. However, when we entered it this year, we got a very strong group. In the end, three minutes separated us from the European spring. However, in the match with Olympiacos, he hit us with bad luck, and that decisively influenced the foreigners to lose the trust of the fans. However, when you look at their performance, they have significantly contributed to the placement in Europe and the title.

PHOTO: FC Red Star

There is not much time for rest, due to the coronavirus, preparations for the new season are starting soon.

We are ready to welcome this transition period, we have prepared a plan for hiring players and most of the new names will be available to Dejan Stanković at the beginning of the preparations. We used the half-season to give young people a chance to gain important experience before the start of the new season. Dejan Stanković has shown great potential, he knows what he wants and how to get there. It will be hellishly difficult to get to the Champions League again, but we know what the stars want and we are not giving up on that.