The Physicians and Experts Forum will help the public maintain body and mind health

For three months we have all been under pressure. The spread of the Corona epidemic has crossed borders and has disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world and with the fear of the second wave leading to growing fears of loneliness, illness, economic harm and livelihoods. This is at the same time as the fundamental concern for our health and the health of our loved ones. All these are a source of fears, pressures and anxieties for many.

An international physicians and specialists forum for complementary and integrative medicine has been established for the purpose of strengthening and maintaining the mental and physical strength of the Israeli public.

The Expert Forum will respond to questions from the public in various fields of integrative complementary medicine, and will provide recommendations on a variety of topics: dietary supplements and vitamins, alternative stress-reducing therapies, immune-specific nutrition recommendations, rest and sleep recommendations, movement and sports.

In addition, the forum will conduct yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, as well as online lectures by experts, who will provide everyday tools for reducing stress and maintaining balance.

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The forum will be run by May Paz – CEO and owner of the Integrative Recovery Center “Cold Medical”, which runs the “Return to Life” recovery week

The forum will include international doctors and specialists:

Dr. Motti Levy (MD) – General Practitioner Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Moti Levy (Photo: PR)

Dr. Hagai Amir (MD) – Director of Weinstein Hospital and Rehabilitation Specialist.

Dr. Hagai Amir (Photo: No Credit)Dr. Hagai Amir (Photo: No Credit)

Dr. Nader Butto MD – Senior cardiologist and father of the energetic treatment method.

Dr. Rollin McCarthy (PHD – Director of the HeartMath Institute Research Company, the leading research and treatment company in the heart for the brain).

Dr. Rollin McCarthy (Photo: No Credit)Dr. Rollin McCarthy (Photo: No Credit)

Dr. Jie Chen – An expert in Chinese medicine, specializes in the treatment of mental illness, neurology, endocrinology and gynecology using integrative healing methods based on Chinese medicine.

Dr. Ji Chen (Photo: No Credit)Dr. Ji Chen (Photo: No Credit)

Brandon Base – Mrs. Brandon Bays co-founder and international lecturer on the “journey” method and bestselling author by the method.

Michal Shraga – Integrative Psychologist and Director of the Unique Recovery Program – “Coming Back to Life” at the Integrative Recovery Center at Cold Medical.

Shaul Yaniv-Paz, the forum’s CEO and owner of the Integrative Recovery Center “Cold Cold”: “At a time when public anxiety levels are high, we are happy to share with the public information, tools and ways to calm, treat and change lifestyle. The best international doctors and specialists will devote their time to counseling and treatment that will enhance the vitality of the body and improve the ability of us all to deal with the situation. “

May Be Fees (Photo: No Credit)May Be Fees (Photo: No Credit)

You can enter the forum and take part in lectures and get answers and practice of daily use tools through the Facebook page:

The main purpose of the forum is to make available to the Israeli public international information and ways to implement practical and everyday tools in this field of medicine. This will help the general public to maintain his body and mind and prevent the following diseases.

In addition, the International Forum will work to influence decision makers to use complementary medicine tools in their daily routine as well as to create a networking discourse on the use of complementary medicine to strengthen the immune system and prevent disease infection.