the Orbi RBK752 arrives with WiFi 6 and up to 4,200 Mbps

Netgear has announced the expansion of its range of devices to Mesh or Mesh nets with a new member named RBK752 which arrives directly aiming to cover the mid-range of the manufacturer but maintaining technical specifications that stand out above all for the WiFi connectivity 6.

We are facing a kit consisting of of devices of identical aspect: a router that we must connect to that of our operator through a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a node that will allow us to extend wireless coverage with a total of up to 500 meters squares.


Both are tri-band network equipment that can manage one at 2.4 GHz with up to 600 Mbps, another for 5 GHz user data with 1.200 Mbps and a third also in 5 GHz and 2,400 Mbps which is used as a return channel between the router and the node, totaling 4,200 Mbps.

The two devices also have two gigabit ethernet ports for wired connections and have Netgear Armor security technology that promises to protect all devices connected to the local network (mobiles, tablets, computers, etc.) directly and without having to install additional antivirus software.

Rbk852 Orbi

Price and availability

The new Netgear RBK752 will go on sale this month first in the United States for a price of $ 450 the basic set of two units, with the possibility of acquiring more additional nodes each of them for 280 dollars.

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