The number of corona infected with the virus in Spain is growing – the world

Spain continues to see an increase in the number of people infected with the corona virus after the state of emergency was lifted two weeks ago and the movement for 47 million inhabitants was restricted for almost three months.


There are currently more than 70 outbreaks of the virus in Spain in various areas, and the government in Madrid called on citizens to behave responsibly, warning that the virus is still present.

“Act responsibly. The virus is under control, but it is still among us “, said the Minister of Health Salvador Ilja in a public address today, after 174 cases of infection were confirmed in the last 24 hours.

In the last seven days, 2,028 cases of coronavirus were registered, while today only in Madrid, 50 cases were reported, and in Catalonia 42, Spanish media reported. Since the beginning of the crisis, a total of 250,545 Spaniards have been infected, which ranks Spain among the countries most affected by the pandemic.

On June 21, the government lifted the state of emergency, during which residents were isolated in apartments and houses for almost 100 days, and wearing masks is still mandatory throughout the country.

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