the new software for the defense of online privacy

Avast, the world leader in cyber security, has announced the launch of Avast BreachGuard, its new software for protecting privacy on the Internet. The BreachGuard launch responds to a need to protect privacy on the Internet now strongly felt by users: according to a survey conducted by Avast, 63% of Internet users believe that their information can be sold on the dark web while 46% fear that their personal data are exposed to violations through the Internet connection of their devices.

Privacy mined

These fears are by no means unfounded given that, in 2019 alone, there were nearly 1,500 data breaches in the United States that exposed more than 160 million sensitive information to the risk of theft.

Online consumer privacy is also undermined by data brokers who, although legal, constantly observe a user’s browsing behavior and use this information to target people for advertising and marketing purposes.

The features of Avast BreachGuard

Avast BreachGuard provides continuous detection, resolution, monitoring and prevention to ensure users’ online privacy at all times. Product features include:

  • Constant monitoring on data breach: Avast BreachGuard automatically scans the dark web, immediately alerting users when their information appears in a database relating to a data breach. To reduce the risk of identity theft, users receive advice on how to fix it and protect their accounts.
  • Removal of data brokers: through an automated process, Avast BreachGuard allows users to recover their personal data by sending a request to remove it from the data broker databases. This could prevent real consequences of privacy violations such as price discrimination in which, for example, an insurance company could raise fees based on Internet search history.
  • Tips for setting privacy: Avast BreachGuard offers resources to proactively improve online privacy, including personalized tips for optimizing the privacy settings of popular services like Facebook and Google. It also monitors updates to their privacy settings and notifies users of changes they should consider in areas such as privacy, sharing and location.
  • Control panel for monitoring the results obtained: Avast BreachGuard includes a control panel that shows a user’s privacy score and areas for improvement, similar to a credit score. It tracks progress on privacy and suggests what to do to improve your score.
  • News Feed: Avast BreachGuard also includes a real-time news feed about the violations that occur.

Avast BreachGuard is available for download today in the United States but will be available in other markets later this year.