The new Prime Minister of France has been appointed

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French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed a new prime minister following the resignation of Edouard Philippe. After the reshuffle, he handed over the reins of the new cabinet to center-right mayor Jean Castex. In recent times, Philip has become more popular than the president. Despite this, the ruling party failed to bring the expected results in the local elections.

As usual, the Prime Minister submitted his resignation letter before the cabinet reshuffle in France. There is also a precedent of re-appointing them to that post. Eduard Philippe has been Prime Minister for three years in the government of President Emmanuel Macron. Rumors have been circulating since the end of a two-month hard lockdown in France in May that the president could reshuffle his cabinet at any moment. Many have speculated that he could make the reshuffle as part of his campaign for the rest of his term. Some speculate that the president may be in the process of replacing Philippe as prime minister.

On Friday morning, Eduard Philippe met with President Emmanuel Macro at the Elysee Palace to discuss the resignations of cabinet members. A statement later said, “Eduard Philippe has submitted his resignation as head of government today and the President of the Republic has accepted it. Until the new government is appointed, he will continue to deal with the current situation with other members of the government.

Emanuel Macro later appointed 55-year-old Jean Castex as the new prime minister. Castex, a little-known senior government official in France, has played a key role in government efforts to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

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