the new men’s fashion brand from the No Excess Group

A few weeks ago, the No Excess Group hinted at the launch of a new men’s fashion brand. The launch was still shrouded in mystery until now. A conversation with brand manager Mark Zwijsen shows that Qubz has been in the works for a year. “The idea of ​​setting up a new men’s fashion brand in the mid-high segment had been around for some time. There are opportunities there, ”he says by phone.

Qubz will focus on functional men’s fashion with a sporty look. “They are basic items with bright details.” The color blue is central to the brand, says Zwijsen. The Qubz brand story is therefore built around the theme of water. There are references to the ocean, sea and ice, among others. The name itself has no special meaning, ‘it just feels good,’ but those who get to know the story of the brand can see a small reference to ice cubes. One of the core values ​​of the brand is: ‘Crystal clear as ice’, the brand manager shares with FashionUnited.

“The brand is optimistic, energetic and fresh,” says Zwijsen. As a target group, the brand envisions the man with a sporty appearance that is optimistic and energetic. When asked about an age category, the brand manager indicates 25 to 55 years. Prices range from 29 euros for a T-shirt to 179 euros for a jacket. The main product groups are sweat, jerseys and jackets.

Qubz: het nieuwe mannenmodemerk van de No Excess Groep

Meet Qubz: functional fashion brand for sporty men with optimism

“We have been playing with the idea of ​​setting up a new brand for some time. We saw opportunities in a certain area, but we already had two brands, ”says Zwijsen. Not only does the group have No Excess in its portfolio, but until recently also the men’s fashion brand Noize. Indeed, Noize’s European trademarks have recently been sold to an eponymous company in Canada. “After that sale, we started thinking: What do we want? We have been developing the brand for about a year now. ”

“We try to compare it as little as possible with No Excess. That was also a problem with Noize in the past, that it was compared too much. We really want to create a separate brand, but under one fashion group. It is a different segment. We think there is a need for a more modern brand in that segment. We use cleaner and elastic materials with many technical details. ”

When it comes to distribution strategy, Qubz still believes in the physical multi-brand retailer. “Our focus will certainly be on that retailer and not on our own stores. There will probably be a B2C website in February, but that is in support of the brand. ” The group expects to be able to involve sixty to seventy percent of the retailers No Excess works with in Qubz. “We don’t get in the way of No Excess because it is a different segment. We think that a large part of our retailers is suitable for adding the brand. We are thereby strengthening the market position in those stores. ” Qubz has also devised a special shop-in-shop concept for the brand that retailers can implement. Retailers can expect about four deliveries per year that are planned according to the ‘just in time’ strategy. “We certainly believe in just in time at Qubz. You need to have the right products in the store at the right time. In practice this means deliveries for February / March, April / May, August / September and November.

Although Germany is the largest sales market for the No Excess Group, Qubz will continue to focus on the Netherlands and Germany for the time being. In addition, Belgium, Austria and Spain are also being considered for the introduction of the brand.

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Image: Qubz