The new Engie Italia app is born. Subsense signature

Engie Italy launches the new app for iOS and Android devices.

Designed to meet the needs of its customers, the app with a fresh and attractive design focuses on simplified management of contracts and payments, new touch points to receive support via WhatsApp and Messenger and a procedure for self-reading gas in assisted mode.

Leading the design process is Subsense, a young Sicilian boutique design that gathers talents and accepts the challenges of digital by combining skills, talents and passion.

Engie Italia is the player of the energy and services market which has among its main objectives that of accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy and which for several years has been paying attention to the challenge of digital transformation, intended as a way to improve quality work and people’s lives.

“We know how important a prompt and concrete response is and using WhatsApp makes everything simpler, more immediate and effective”, he declares Monica Iacono, Business Line BtoC director of Engie Italia. “The opening of this new communication channel and the launch of the new app confirm Engie Italia’s commitment to reducing the distance between the company and the customer, becoming increasingly sustainable, accessible and smart”.

A year of work conducted by the Subsense team in Milan, directly at the headquarters of Engie Italy, in synergy with the staff of different departments of the company, involved since the early design stages: user research, workshops and sharing of the needs of business were the cornerstones around which the co-design of the app revolved.

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Engie Italia has decided to rely on a small reality like Subsense, founded and directed with passion by a talented designer just twenty years old, Gianluca Cosetta, convinced that a fresh vision combined with proven skills and passion could give the right impetus to the project. And the collaboration has produced positive effects on every front: design thinking, user experience design, continuous tests with users, advanced collaborative tools are now an important piece of the corporate culture of Engie Italia. The development and release of the software, on the other hand, has been well managed by NTT Italia which, under the careful supervision of the company’s IT department, has therefore created the new app.

As of March 30, the Engi Italia app is available in the new generation iOS and Android smartphone stores and further updates and improvements are already planned.

“From the moment of launch, we monitor the progress of the newly created app and collect user feedback and advice; we are convinced that listening to them and analyzing them is the way forward to improve the app and our services, “he reports Sebastiano Maccarrone, manager of the digital B2C area who personally took care of bringing people-centered design methodologies to the company (Human Centered Design). “Having embraced the user-oriented approach, we know that this is only the beginning of a path of continuous evolution. The next keywords are certainly data analysis and service design: knowing how to surf the long wave of change will have a positive impact not only on people’s lives but also on that of the company and today, I affirm it without fear of denials, it’s even more urgent. “

The new app, in addition to winking at young people without forgetting the less computerized generations, is well made, has an attractive design, is streamlined and functional: an open and flexible contact point, the daily tool that customers can easily use to interact with Engie.