The Motocross World Championship will not take place in Loket this year

Updates: 03.07.2020 11:12

Prague – The Motocross World Championship will not take place in Loket nad Ohří this year. The Autoclub of the Czech Republic has decided to cancel the event with regard to the development of the release of epidemiological measures. According to the original plans, the race in western Bohemia was to take place in July, but in May it was decided that this would not happen. In the end, there will be no replacement date.

“We consulted with epidemiologists, we looked for a solution, but we really can’t guarantee respect for the rules with regard to the safety of spectators and participants. translate to 2021, “said Jan Šťovíček, President of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, in a press release.

The director of the race, Zdeněk Dvořák, told ČTK in May that it is highly probable that the World Championships will not take place in Loket this year. Nevertheless, the promoter offered the Czech side two possible alternative dates – in September and November. The latter was out of the question from the outset. However, the current rules for organizing sports events are not favorable for September either.

“The possibilities of the area in connection with the announced measure of strictly separated sectors at one event even after September 1 and other hygienic regulations do not provide an opportunity to organize the plant in a full-fledged way,” said representatives of the Autoclub.

Despite the absence of the World Championships in the Czech Republic, domestic fans have a chance to see the best motocross riders. Many of them participate in the international championship of the Czech Republic. They introduced themselves last week in Dalečín and next weekend they will start in Kaplice.

“As one of the first in Europe, we started the championship with spectators, riders and teams need to prepare, thanks to our organizing fame in the world, they came to us,” said Šťovíček.

After the coronavirus crisis, the MS series should start again on August 9 in Kegums, Latvia, where it should also run on August 12 and 16.