The mother of Ostrava gave birth to healthy triplets. She dug the garden until the last moment

This year, the second triplets were born in the Ostrava hospital. Their mother had a trouble-free pregnancy as well as childbirth. She is not afraid of the difficult situation, but when her doctor told her that she would have three children, she remained in shock.

Triplets from the Ostrava Hospital. – Photo: Youtube / University Hospital Ostrava

OSTRAVA July 3 – Mr. and Mrs. Baroň from Zlín they already have four-year-old Vašík at home. His parents found out that he would not only have one sibling, but three, after Christmas. “I was expecting an ultrasound to confirm, ‘you’ll have a baby,’ but not that I’ll have three.” she said for the portal TV Nova after childbirth mother Anastázia Baroňová.

They stayed in their bellies for a long time

Her pregnancy was problem-free and the children lasted in their bellies until the 32nd week, which is not common at all with triplets.

“It’s unique because most moms who have triplets give birth much earlier. But the lady lasted longer, it’s better for her and the newborns, ” described the chief physician of maternity wards Richard Špaček.

Some moms are resting, she was digging potatoes

Anastasia was not hospitalized until the last moment and worked hard in the garden until the birth.

“Two weeks before her birth began, she was still digging potatoes.” said Spacek. “Some moms are lying, resting, and we’re digging in the garden.” said husband Tomáš Baroň with a laugh.

Girl and boys

The birth of the triplets went without any complications. First, a girl named was born Zoa, the boys followed Settles a Vincent. Their birth weight ranged from 1660 to 1830 grams. The newborns are still in the intensive care unit and are connected to respiratory support.

Source: Television Newspaper Nova