The Minister of Tourism has visited Nazareth, the prominent tourist cities affected by the crisis

Zamir: “I believe that the Ministry of Tourism should invest resources in Arab society, no less than elsewhere and act accordingly”

Visit of the Minister of Tourism in the city of Nazareth. Photograph of the municipality of Nazareth

The city of Nazareth is one of the most prominent tourist cities in Israel, with more than 638,000 tourists in 2019 and about 2700 guest rooms occupying about 71.9%. As a result of the crisis, the city was hit hard, with about 29.6% of its residents demanding work. Yesterday (30 June) the Minister of Tourism visited Assaf Zamir, In Nazareth as part of tours that began to take place around the country, in tourist towns affected by the Corona crisis. The minister opened the visit at a meeting in the municipality of Nazareth, with the mayor Ali Slam, Representatives of the shared list, MK Ahmed Tibi andMK Hiba will rebound, Representatives of the hotel industry, restaurants and more. During the meeting, the minister was presented with historical sites in the city, tourist projects and local attractions.

Minister Zamir: “This is the most difficult time that has been the area of ​​tourism in Israel and is particularly challenging for the city of Nazareth. I know the city’s potential very closely and I am aware of the abundance it has to offer, our opportunity to develop it and make it a leading tourist destination. I believe that the Ministry of Tourism should invest resources in Arab society just as elsewhere, and act accordingly. ”

Mayor Ali Salem: “I congratulate this important visit, which is indicative of the opening of a new page with the Ministry of Tourism, after years of not receiving any budgets from the Ministry of Nazareth. This is in contrast to the other government offices that have allocated Nazareth, which is the largest Arab city in the country, with over 100,000 inhabitants and world class, which is reflected in the Pope’s invitation to the mayor in December 2019. The tourism industry has been severely affected by the Corona epidemic and is reaching Nazareth in Tiberias and Eilat. Therefore, we ask that there be a government decision to support Nazareth. ”

MK Ahmed Tibi: “Nazareth is a tourist city on a national and global level. Someone in the government forgot to budget it like Eilat and Tiberias. Visiting today is important and I hope that it will correct the injustice and bring Nazareth back to the forefront in tourism, both in terms of budgets and in terms of information. ”

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