Her amniotic fluid leaked and the 44-year-old local woman who asked for police help in a parking lot on Mű Street in Szigethalom had to leave, police.hu reported on an incident on Friday.

As it is written, on the advice of his doctor, he got into a car to get to the hospital. The woman left with her husband on September 16, 2022 at around 11 p.m. after her pains intensified. Half an hour later, they still weren’t going anywhere, they couldn’t arrive safely and on time while obeying the traffic and speed limits.

There was no chance for the ambulance to arrive, they were not making progress, so they turned to the police for help. The mother, who was in labor with her fourth child, was lifted into the police car by the uniformed officers, and then they sirened her with fat gas until she was taken to the hospital.

The 27-kilometer distance was covered in ten minutes, and the mother was taken to the delivery room five minutes later.

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