The MICE Forum highlights in its last meeting the importance of taking action

The first face-to-face event of the Forum in recent months in which its president, Matilde Almandoz, sets her sights on the future

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MICE Forum has held a new meeting. He first face-to-face event of the Forum in the last months in which its president, Matilde AlmandozHe sets his sights on the future: “Now we have to take action.”

In this way, Almandoz opened the meeting by welcoming attendees and noting: “today we want to put the focus on MICE. We have put it in person, virtual and today we put it on who we are and on everything we are growing”.

During this meeting great importance was given to creation of an Advisory Council, “very important to have the 360 ​​degree vision of MICE”, as he commented Almandoz. In addition, he pointed out that “ours is strategic communication for entities, associations and corporations”, indicating that “we are seeing how to communicate better by relying on all tourism resources”.

Presentations and workshops

The first table has dealt with ‘Neuroevents: the brain is the key’ with Raimond Torrents, CEO de Event Management Institute, who stressed during his speech that “everything we do at events seeks to influence and deter our audience, the brain of our attendees is our key.” According Torrents “In the case of events, we transmit the complicated message through stimuli that make people react. We design emotions through events and we design emotional stimuli to discourage and change attitudes, since emotions force the brain to react” .

Alessia Comis, outgoing MPI president, has participated in the presentation ‘The best virtual & hybrid experiences’ to present the events carried out during the state of alarm. He summarizes his intervention thus: “in these last three months virtual events have been our Trojan horse, to reach our clients and our clients’ clients.” In addition, he has pointed out some of the main topics that have been discussed: creativity, innovation and the transfer of knowledge.

The MICE Forum grows and German Inostroza, president of SITE Spain He pointed out that “The MICE Forum has had an important presence within the MICE world”. In addition, it has announced that in order to maintain the structure and make it grow efficiently, the participation of an Advisory Council has been created and three chapters have been established: Prescriber Advisory Council, Strategic Council and Partner Council.

Within the prescribers chapter, Maria Gomez, president of EMA, He pointed out that “events are a communication and marketing tool that change behaviors. If there are no returns, there are no events.” María has pointed out that “we work for a more unified sector and we provide a series of tools in order to continue generating value”. Sonia Serracarbassa, Strategic Aliance of National Convention Bureaux of Europe, as part of the strategic chapter, has indicated that “maintaining and developing Europe’s position as a leader in the MICE industry is our priority”. In addition, he commented that “together, we try to gather all the necessary efforts to maintain this position.”

The partners that are part of the value chain are ADEP, with Barbara Gomez, General Secretary, who pointed out that “we have 62 associates to give voice to all the people of this country. We work with the objective that all the associates be a community of common support and we must focus on being a community of support, so that all value chains made up of suppliers, agents and stakeholders have the confidence to come to us and help the MICE sector “. Carmen Centol, president of ADEAZA: “Our main objective is to provide confidence and security. For this reason, we have prepared a guide for support staff and we have created a seal to identify our companies.” Jesus Baranda, President of the AEC, stressed that “for us, being part of the MICE Forum Council means being in the forefront of the MICE industry. We intend to contribute professionalism and good practices to the council.” Ramon Laguna, APROAV general secretary, affirms that “we try to offer valuable elements such as audiovisual technology, which make the event progress and work, in addition to adapting to the changes that the MICE sector needs at that time”. And finally, for Immaculate Blázquez, ASPEC communication manager“It is an opportunity for us all to work together. The most important thing is to unite one voice, diversifying is never good.”

The next presentation by Fay Taylor, presidenta de Spain DMCs, has treated ‘Spain, a reliable destination, a destination of excellence’. She pointed out that “Spain meets all the requirements it needs to develop its event: accommodation, gastronomy, climate and lifestyle. And it is the first country in Europe with the largest number of airports and the fifth country with the most affordable prices to reach

Luis Gandiaga, technical secretary of the federation OPC Spain, has moderated the table ‘Action! The challenges of each one of them are MICE segments’, and he explained that “we are an industry and behind all this there is an important industrial fabric with companies that allow us to contribute and generate economic impact and induced profit”. At this table they have intervened Andrés Virto, vice president of AEVEA, recalling that “from AEVEA we are campaigning so that they do not forget some points, through the motto -efficient to be sustainable-“. In addition, he pointed out the importance of the strategic plan, the processes, the optimization of resources, the preservation of talent and CSR. German Inostroza, president of SITE Spain, He stressed that “the fact of being able to work with the digital allows us to monitor, we have to transform it into a benefit. Everything is evolving and is much more measurable.” Fay Taylor, presidenta de Spain DMCs, He affirmed that “the responsibility of the event planner is going to depend on fear, and for this reason it is important to face it. This situation has been a blow to everyone not only at the health level but also in the contractual area.” He concluded by stating that “our business model will depend on our way of communicating and above all on how to face those fears.” Teresa Broccoli, president of MPI, He pointed out that “we are focused on training. We have created events aimed at today’s public.” Carina Montagut, member of the Board of the Iberian Chapter of ICCA, who has indicated that “we have turned our international congress into a hybrid event, having a presence of 90 countries. In addition, we have chosen 3 cities where to hold a satellite congress and this satellite congress will have streaming and face-to-face sessions”. By last, Onofre Vicente, vice president of OPC Spain, who has summarized that “among our objectives is how we are able to unite and cooperate; competition and collaboration among all; the transformation and how we have been able to adapt to digital events to reach a greater number of people”.

One of the last interventions has been that of Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, And now that? The Minister pointed out that “in recent years the MICE sector has contributed greatly to the dynamism of the tourism sector. Thanks to your work, Spain remained in 2019 as the third country with the most organized conferences with 595 according to the IMICA ranking, being Madrid third city with more events and Barcelona fourth “. In addition, she pointed out that “from the Ministry we have worked in relaunching tourism, always with the protection of health as a priority.” In his presentation he recalled that the government maintains its firm commitment to accompany the sector in its stage of economic reconstruction and the result of this commitment is the approval of a tourism plan endowed with 4,262 million euros that is structured in 5 axes and 28 measures. He concluded by explaining that “the objective is to protect, but also to allow the recovery of the tourism sector and continue with the transformation of Spanish tourism towards a model of sustainability in the socio-economic, environmental and territorial fields.”

The president of Foro MICE The meeting was closed, thanking Roberto Chenel, CEO of Bmotion AV and collaborator of this Forum, having made this live broadcast possible, who has pointed out that “we continue to bet on technology and for this reason, we have implemented something new, such as real-time planning, something that until recently was merely complicated “; already Harley Space for the ‘safe’ space in which this Forum has been held.

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