The massacre of red and white minors by the Filipinos of “consolidation”

Watching the result of the K17 final between Olympiacos and PAOK, an unsuspecting observer would claim that the game was shocking! One of the most beautiful of all time in the infrastructure championships! Final score of the regular season 3-3 with extra time and penalties that had PAOK as the final winner in the process of the Russian rocket with 6-5 after nine shots of each team from the white ball! Reversals in the score, intensity, passion, penalty, yellow cards! And what this game didn’t have! And 120 minutes of action for 16-17 year old children who had to give an official game since mid-March !!! It’s been three and a half months !!!

– The dark side of the final

This is one side of the moon, the bright one! Because unfortunately there is another, the dark one! The one that plunges Greek football into the quagmire and disrepute! The dark side, not of the moon but of the so-called consolidation, the underground mechanisms, the expediencies, the daredevil and the dictating decisions that actually rush innocent innocent souls on the altar of unworthy victory and the personal pursuits of those who plow Greece with van, they go from Union to Union and catch thieves and Vlach mayors !!!

– False and false cup! The Filipina of the Philippines!

Because unfortunately in the infamous final between Olympiacos and PAOK, this is exactly what happened! The red and whites were slaughtered with a monkey penalty against them and an offside four meters that even Giorgis Savvidis would not have whistled, in order for the black and whites to win a cup, even if it is fake and false. Which, on the one hand, disorients from the huge problems of the first team of PAOK that is dragged out every week, and on the other hand, gives an alibi to the policy of budget cuts that will follow with the argument that expensive Greek and foreign players will not be acquired. academy talents! You know which one! The ones that won the title of K17 with the carnage and provocative decisions of a referee appointed by the EPO of Grammenos and implemented by the EPS Thessaly of the infamous Laskarakis, the leader of Achilles Bey in Volos! In simple words, as they would say in the cafe, Laskarakis’ Filipina was appointed referee of the final, who is considered by everyone in Greek football as the Filipina of Beu!

– The executor of innocent souls, Stefanos Vaios Kalantzis

And yet, the referee of the final Kalantzis Stefanos – Vaios is considered ascending and very ambitious! That is why Laskarakis is promoting him, who managed to appoint him as the first referee of a final through the EPO, which PAOK wanted to win at all costs in order to survive the uncollected of this year’s first season! And Kalantzis, although young with a future in Greek football, did not hesitate to alter the final result with infamous refereeing decisions and to give PAOK a cup, depriving it of the real winners who were the Olympiacos players who were led by the wrong ones. decisions in the penalty shootout !!!

– He has whistled 3 of the sphere of influence

For the record, the elite of the Beu-Laskaraki Kalantzis system had whistled 4 football league matches this year, including games by Karaiskakis Arta, Veria and Doxa Drama, which all coincidentally belonged to the sphere of influence of the Biceps Three and the North and they won, easily, with difficulty, even with a reversal since, for example, Platanias’ 0-2 in Karaiskakis Arta changed to 4-2 in the last minutes !!!

– The abolition of regulations and championship announcements!

However, PAOK’s attempt to win the final in any way began with the request submitted to the Super League for two first-class and international Biceps players to play in the final, who should have served their sentences and not participated! The process was set up! Because contrary to the current regulations and the announcement of the championship, their illegal participation and the first alteration of the final were allowed! Olympiakos for Fair Play reasons accepted the request and with great generosity voted for it! And his attitude has shown that he puts football above fan expediency! But for PAOK’s side, this was just the first move to win in any way and by any means !!!

– The definition of Kalantzi and the strange performances of stoiximan

This was followed, of course, by the EPO of the Writer, which Ivan Savvidis has publicly described as his own, the definition of Kalantzi Stefanos – Vaios who belongs to the Union of Volos which is controlled by Achilles Beo, a close ally of Ivan and an opponent of Vangelis Marin ! Even more strange was the fact that after the appointment of Kalantzis of EPS Volos, the betting company stoiximan made odds for the final, according to which PAOK was the favorite with an odds of 2.3 percent and Olympiakos outsiders with an odds of 3 percent in the victory! How did these odds come about? When PAOK came out first in the northern group with 4 points different from the second Aris and Olympiakos was first in the Southern group with a difference of 12 points from the second Asteras Tripolis! It should be noted, however, that the group of Olympiacos was much more difficult and competitive than that of PAOK as it faced Panathinaikos, AEK, Atromitos and Panionios!

– A crime that will haunt him throughout his career! There is no human error!

In this light, the K17 final was the biggest massacre of all time in infrastructure and an unprecedented crime that will haunt Greek football for years to come! Barriers to the participation of punished players in the final, unjustified in favor of PAOK betting performance, appointment of a referee by a system (Beos – Laskarakis) that is hostile and fiercely fights Olympiakos and a referee who executed and exterminated young children! Kalantzis is young and ambitious! In front of his eyes was the theater of the PAOK player for which he easily attributed a penalty, instead of a yellow card to the attacker. There is no human error! As in the offside in the goal of PAOK’s draw where, despite the responsibility of the assistant, the phase was easy, clear, and he had to take it upon himself!

Kalantzis owes an apology to the children he wronged and slaughtered with his decisions! If he doesn’t, he has to hand over his whistle and never referee again! Because his crime was committed against minor children whose dream and value unjustly deprived him of the pleasure and satisfaction of a so-called consolidation that reached the downtrodden point of insulting minors! Same on you…