The majority limps over Libya / AGF

01/22/2020 Naples, the journalist Sandro Ruotolo is the candidate of the center-left for the supplements to the Senate in Campania

There is no peace for the majority of government divided between its souls and hanging on the cross of numbers. Closed one front, another opens. All-day high tension on the refinancing of international missions, including Libya, which in mid-afternoon – between meetings, councils and meetings – landed in the Senate room. Party under bad auspices, finished better: green light on all missions for 2020, excluding the sore point of the “training and education” of the Libyan coast guard military. On “card 22” the majority loses pieces: it stops at 142 with 14 defections, 12 majority and two opposition, far from the absolute majority, and loses Leu on the street. But breathe: it doesn’t go under, it doesn’t need the center-right crutch. In the end there are no 3 at home Pd (Verducci, D’Arienzo, Valente), 6 Leu (De Petris, Grasso, Errani, La Forgia plus Ruotolo and Nugnes), the Mantero grill, then De Bonis and De Falco, Martelli and Emma Bonino.

The fact is that the package was part of the renewal of the agreement with the Libyan coastguard. A sore point – that of migrant ships intercepted off the Saharan coast with passengers brought back to detention centers, where respect for human rights is a chimera and the lights of international observers and NGOs go out. A point that risks until the very end of provoking a political earthquake. And to unleash, on the executive, the perfect storm. Or, the bogeyman of the center-right’s help – from FdI, Lega and Fi the yes to the missions is clear. A worse alternative than the other.

A few hours earlier, the report on the same topic passed almost unanimously in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Montecitorio with the abstention of Laura Boldrini and the Renzians. Gennaro Migliore di Italia Viva explains: “We totally agree with the international missions, including that in Libya, but we cannot give money to their coast guard. We cannot ignore the many complaints against them. ” All day long rumors are chasing about the “Libyan package”. Leu announces the request to vote for the text in separate parts. Loredana De Petris asked for it in the hemicycle, recalling “torture and violence against women” and Emma Bonino. The abacus raises up to 16 possible defections. The text is split into two resolutions: one on the five new missions and one on the extension of the old ones – including Libya – on which the spotlights are turned on.

In the courtroom Francesco Verducci motivates his no: “Financing the Libyan coastguard harms Italy’s reputation and authority”. Emma Bonino is passionate: “Don’t force me to leave the classroom so as not to vote all together, there are missions that I support. But “safe sea” is a macabre expression. There is no Libyan coast guard, there are militias. We need a reset of our relations with Libya “. Former Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti, Pd, puts forward a rhetorical question: “We are all shaken by the stories of what is happening in the Libyan centers, but are we sure that by not intervening the situation improves?”. Casini recalls the fallen of Nassiryia: “Italy’s international relevance is due to military and peacekeeping missions”. The dem Alessandro Alfieri reassures: “We must play the games in the EU and NATO riverbed, we will take charge of human rights as already in Kosovo and in the Arab world”.

The mediation is outlined in the form of an agenda of the Renzians, prepared by Laura Garavini, which commits the government to modify the memorandum with the Libyan authorities of 2017 “in the direction of respect for human rights and the greater presence of international organizations ”Also in migrant reception centers. In short, a potential way out of the impasse. Pass, but not compact Leu.

The center-right has an easy game to wedge into the yellow and red cracks. Adolfo Urso (FdI): “Enough hypocrisy and demagogy”. The Italian Maurizio Gasparri underlines the “lack of homogeneity of the majority”, the foreign policy that does not exist and on human rights is back “so what about China?”. Unpublished conclusion: “We are with the armed forces”. The Northern League player Massimo Candura invokes assertiveness: “Enough surrender policy”. Concludes the Cinquestelle Fabrizio Ortis, with the convinced yes of his party. It ends in the evening. After wobbling the majority remains standing.