From November 10, the plant engineering in Újhartyán, Kiskunfélegyháza and Balástya will be ready to handle the winter weather with a regular road inspection service, where the machines and equipment participating in the winter operation will be prepared and inspected.

During the winter operation period, the 156.6 km long section of motorway is operated by three plant engineers with vehicles specially prepared for the winter. Degreasing and snow removal will be done by 11 private dual-use vehicles on the highway. In addition, 6 multi-purpose Unimog dual-purpose vehicles suitable for salting and plowing, 3 loaders and, if necessary, an additional 8 rented dual-purpose vehicles will assist in the winter operation of the motorway.

5057 tons of sodium chloride and 18 tons of calcium chloride are available in the salt tanks for degreasing. In each engineering, the service is managed by 1-1 chief supervisors in 12-hour shifts, drivers also work in 12-hour shifts, while the dispatcher and road inspectorate service provide accident-free traffic 24 hours a day.

In order to ensure accident-free and continuous traffic, the operator closely monitors and controls the condition of the motorway. Road inspections are carried out regularly on the entire road network, monitoring the condition of the motorway every two hours during the day and every four hours between 10 pm and 6 am.

Meteorological stations along the highway automatically transmit current weather data every 5 minutes. The operating company monitors the cloud data of the National Meteorological Service, which is updated every 15 minutes and is combined with satellite imagery, for the motorway sections belonging to each plant engineering. Passengers in distress can call for help via the emergency telephones located every two kilometers.