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The wear of weapons, and shields, in The Legend of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, could be an obstacle for many players who, even spending hours with the Compositor power in an attempt to obtain high-performing weapons, could constantly find themselves in that unpleasant situation for which the damage inflicted by Link, or his defense through the shields available in the realm, could prove to be unsatisfactory during the more difficult fights.

Fear not though, because even if to get the Hylia Shield you just need to finish the prologue (we advise you to take a look at our Guide on Where To Find The Hylia Shield), to get the iconic Supreme Sword, you just need to complete twenty shrines and have a little patience.

ATTENTION: Obtaining the Supreme Sword, with one of the two methods indicated in this guide, could frustrate all the narrative path that Tears Of The Kingdom performs within the main mission: The Tears Of The Dragon. If you don’t intend to ruin the story of this new chapter of Link, we advise you to follow our Guide To Tears Of The Dragon and be patient as needed before getting your hands on the strongest weapon in the game.

Did you know that the Supreme Sword is “theoretically” reachable as soon as you set foot on Hyruleafter completing the full-bodied prologue of Tears Of the Kingdombut that in order to be able to challenge it, it will first be necessary to pass 20 Shrines and have a lot, really a lot of luck?

Oh yeah, why the Master Sword is planted in the head of the Ivory Dragona mammoth creature that flies in the skies of Hyrule, repeatedly following a precise path, on which Link can land at any moment of the adventure, run on its back until it reaches its head and try to extract the Supreme Sword from its skull.

We told you “try”, because in order to draw the Master Sword, Link will need two full circles of stamina (obtainable by completing 20 Shrines and requesting 5 Force Bringer by praying at one of the numerous statues). If all this were not enough, the journey made by the Ivory Dragon is very long and there are few points where it will be possible to exploit the Topographic Towers (or the archipelagos located in the skies) to reach it (three to be exact).

All of which entails that to obtain the Supreme Sword, in the first hours of the game, two very specific methods can be used: a decidedly easy one, but which will require a lot of patience and a pinch of luck, and a slightly more complex one, which will require you to face an enemy that could prove to be particularly difficult, at least in the first hours of the game, but which will reward the effort made by guaranteeing you know wherever the Ivory Dragon is.

Tears Of The Kingdom

First Method to obtain the Supreme Sword

If you’re feeling luckyyou can try to grab the Supreme Sword by following these simple steps:

  • Complete 20 Sacrari.
  • Go to the Guard Fort and pray at the statue to exchange 20 Blessing Orbs for 5 Force Bringers.
  • Head to the northeast part of Hyrule and unlock the Urli Hill Surveying Tower.
  • Head to Northern Hyrule and unlock the Orbo Ruins Surveying Tower.
  • Keep in mind that the Ivory Dragon will follow a path, counterclockwise, which will start from the Spilera Peninsula (East), will continue towards the Terre Di Odin (North East), will descend diagonally to skirt the Bosco Dei Korogu on the right (North), will pass exactly above Forte Di Guardia and will continue until it reaches the Spilera Peninsula again.

Tears Of The Kingdom Tears Of The Kingdom Tears Of The Kingdom

At this point you will have to arm yourself with lots and lots of patience and begin to cyclically visit the Topographic Tower of Colle Urli, the Topographic Tower of the Ruins of Orbo and the Topographic Tower of Forte Di Guardiabearing in mind that:

  • When you launch from the Torre del Colle Urli you will have to pay attention to the area that starts from the Spilera Peninsula and proceeds towards the Terre Di Odin.
  • When you launch from the Tower of the Orbo Ruins you will have to look towards the South and check the area around the Korogu Wood (keep in mind that this is the tower from which it is more difficult to approach the Ivory Dragon).
  • From the Forte Di Guardia, all you need to do is look at the sky from the base of the Topographical Tower and, only if you catch a glimpse of the creature, launch yourself into the sky to land on it.

It will not be difficult to identify the Ivory Dragonconsidering that in addition to being very large it will be characterized by white and gold scales, adorned with sparkling blue rock conformations, which will almost completely cover its back but crossing it after being launched into the sky will require a lot of luck or, alternatively, a lot of patience since you will be completely unaware of its actual location.

Alternatively, you can decide to stay at the Topographical Tower of Forte Di Guardiastare at the sky and wait but we already anticipate that it could take even more than an hour before the Ivory Dragon reveals itself, considering the slowness with which it completes its journey.

Once you reach the back of the Ivory Dragon, just reach its head (don’t worry if you slip off its body, its movements will create updrafts that will allow you to use the Parasail to get back on its back) and hold down A to finally draw the Master Sword.

Tears Of The Kingdom Tears Of The Kingdom

Second Method

If patience is not your forte, you can still get the Supreme Sword rather quickly using this alternative methodbe careful though that you will have to confront a very powerful enemy, especially if you are in the initial stages of your adventure.

As with the previous method, you will first need to perform these steps:

  • Complete 20 Sacrari.
  • Go to the Guard Fort and pray at the statue to exchange 20 Blessing Orbs for 5 Force Bringers.
  • Head to the northeast part of Hyrule and unlock the Urli Hill Surveying Tower.
  • Head to Northern Hyrule and unlock the Orbo Ruins Surveying Tower.

At this point, open the map of Hyrule and check the road that runs along the right side of the Bosco Dei Korogu. You will notice a crevasse to access the subsoil, apply a pin and, before closing the map, put a second pin on the underground mapat the height of the exact center of the Bosco Dei Korogu.

Tears Of The Kingdom

Reach the crevasse and launch yourself underground. Once you arrive, follow the trail of Poo that you will find in front of you and continue in the direction of the second pin that you have applied previously. Beware of multiple areas covered in Miasma that will stand between you and your finish line and, once you arrive at your destination, look for a stone structure with a column suspended inside it.

Use the Acensus power to cross the column and you will find yourself inside the Korogu Forest. Unfortunately there is no other way to access it, as from the surface the forest will prove to be unapproachable. You will notice that both the Korogu and the Great Tree will not utter a word as they are corrupted by the Miasma.

Unlock the shrine in the area to guarantee yourself a teleportation point, return to the Forte Di Guardia, rest to recharge Link’s life energy and prepare for battle by distilling potions that allow you to increase attack power and buying all the arrows as you can. If you don’t have any with you, we advise you to spend some time to find at least a dozen Bomb Flowers to be applied to your arrows during the battle you are going to face.

Tears Of The Kingdom Tears Of The Kingdom

Go back to the Bosco Dei Korogu and enter the Great Tree, inside you will find a crevasse that will allow you to access an arena underground. As soon as you land you will have to face the two forms of one of the most fearsome mini-bosses present in Tears Of The Kingdom: Specter Ganon.

The first phase of the fight will require you to constantly stay at a distance as the numerous hands of which the creature is composed will be able to grab you and remove one of your hearts from youpreventing you from fully healing yourself. Stay away and constantly hit the hands with your arrows to which you will apply Flower Bombs.

If the creature approaches too quickly, take advantage of the surrounding walls to distance yourself or, alternatively, to have a minimum of momentum to be able to hover in the air with the Paravela and be able to aim at the monster more calmly. This is the most complex phase of the battleas you won’t be able to get close to the creature in any way, considering the pool of Miasma inside which it moves, and one blow to the monster will be enough to send you to the creator.

Once the pack of arms is eliminated, Specter Ganon will appear, which will kick off a battle based purely on your skills. The demon will have three attacks: two side slashes and one that he will carry out after having thrown himself against Link. Grab your shield and get ready to jump in time, in order to slow down time and be able to counterattack calmly. Keep in mind that:

  • When the Specter Ganon performs a lateral slash, you just need to jump back to make a counterattack.
  • When Specter Ganon lunges at Link, you’ll have to jump sideways just before he’s going to swing.

This fight will be all about patience and quick reflexes. Remember that, if you fight the monster in the initial stages of your adventure, a shot from the Specter Ganon will guarantee you an immediate Game Over, forcing you to repeat the fight even with the creature made up of arms and Miasma.

TRICK: If you really can’t eliminate the horrid creature, and the Specter Ganon, you can take advantage of a small glitch that allows you to be practically invulnerable for the duration of the fight. Keep in mind that this type of exploit could be fixed by future updates and that the position where you will have to place Link is not immediate to understand.

Once you drop into the crevasse, run into the arena wall behind where you land. Make sure you have Link squarely facing the wall, with his back to the multi-armed monster. Aim the bow while still facing the wall and turn 180° without moving the left stick. If everything has been done correctly, both enemies will fail to hit you and you can keep shooting arrows at them until they die.

Tears Of The Kingdom

Once the battle is won, the Great Tree, and the entire Bosco Dei Korogu, will be free from corruption and as a reward you will receive a new main mission which will require you to extract the Supreme Sword from the skull of the Ivory Dragon. The difference with the first method lies in the fact that, once the localization on the map of this specific mission is activated, you will notice that the dot will always indicate the precise position of the Dragonletting you know where to go to get on his back.

As we anticipated at the beginning, bearing in mind that following one of these two methods, it will partially nullify the entire narrative path of the Le Lacrime Del Drago missionwhich will remain available for the whole but will take on a completely different aspect in purely narrative terms.

Tears Of The Kingdom

Once in possession of the Supreme Sword, you will notice that it will not have an attack value but you will only be indicated that once the power is exhausted you will have to wait ten minutes to be able to use it again.

Although the actual power of the Supreme Sword is not specified, you will immediately notice that it is the most powerful weapon in Tears Of the Kingdomcapable of launching energy beams, fusing with the materials in your inventory to increase its power and synergizing with some minerals allowing you to launch elemental attacks from a distance.

To find out what other secrets Hyrule hides, we refer you to our Complete Guide to The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

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