Stephan, who has already been sentenced in the Plavec case, read a short statement in court in which he emphasized that the new trial is a slap in the face to the law and the truth. He described the accusations in the indictment as frivolous phrases. “For some people it would be a shame,” he emphasized, among other things.

A Lebanese chemist has been in prison for some time for unsuccessfully inciting the murder of a former colleague at the Institute of Chemistry Janez Plavac. He was convicted of persuading an Iraqi asylum seeker to shoot Plavec in 2017, because Plavec objected to Stephan being reinstated at the institute.

The aforementioned asylum seeker, however, confided Stephan’s plans to the police. The court sentenced Stephan to eight years in prison and banishment from the country after serving his sentence. The conviction became final in the summer of 2020.

Today, however, Stephan went to the dock due to accusations that he allegedly instigated the murder of an Iraqi in prison, i.e. the key witness who ordered her to kill Plavec.