The Lamia-Xanthi match was postponed due to the corona case

The Super League has decided to postpone the match between Lamia and Xanthi, due to the collision of a corona with a player of Akriti. The announcement in detail:

“It is announced that the match Lamia-Xanthi, in the context of the 5th game day of the Play Out of the Super League, is set for Monday, July 6 at 19:30, for precautionary reasons, after a positive case of COVID-19 in a football player of A .THE. Blonde.

Based on the Protocol of Super League 1 Games from 30/6/2020, the unhindered observance of which is a key pillar of the organization of the games, the case was immediately isolated and the General Secretariat was also informed immediately. and EODY.

In addition, there was immediate isolation (“quarantine”) for 48 hours of all unprotected close contact (athletes and anyone from the team who had contacts) in a predetermined area (PAE), just as defined by the Super League Games Protocol. 1 from 30/6/2020.

Already tonight, all the planned inspections are being carried out immediately, which will be repeated within 48 hours on Sunday, exactly as provided in the Health Protocol for the Games.

In the event that the results of the two audits are negative for all players, the match may be held in accordance with the decision of the Secretary General of Sports, Mr. G. Mavrotas, Coordinator of the Health Scientific Committee of the GGA.

The primary concern is the protection of public health, but also the health of all those involved. “