We came across a very extensive Youtube channel. So Japanese that no letters of the Latin alphabet can be found in the titles of the videos, the uploader has no desire for international laurels. He doesn’t want to yell at the camera about two inches for how big a king he is, and he doesn’t bother everyone by encouraging them to sign up.

On the other hand, it diligently documents every performance of the blue Honda S2000, probably for yourself and your immediate surroundings, with precise settings, lap times, and dates. It is almost goosebumps that in the Far Eastern island nation, even at this level, people compete with such determination and serious attitude.

A good example of this is the blue Honda S2000 engine. It’s not a brain-turbocharged horsepower plant that is unmanageable. It was put together only by a local workshop, Spoon, where attention to detail is paid to with the utmost precision. The FC20 block they assemble gets a unique cylinder head for higher compression and the weight of moving parts and pistons is shot as accurately as possible. The factory tolerance for this engine is 2 grams, but they are not satisfied with this, there can be a difference of 0.02 grams only between the same parts.

This has a beneficial effect on the life of the engine, which spins at 8-9 thousand revolutions, but it doesn’t matter who sits behind the wheel. Because it is useless to have a perfectly balanced technique if the machine flies crosswise.