Land Rover Classic, which deals with the factory repair and renovation of older models that have matured into classics and veterans, has partnered with a partner befitting the prestige of the legendary off-road vehicle, the Kilchoman whiskey distillery in Scotland, which has gained a serious reputation over the past two decades – founded by one of the grandsons of Land Rover founder Spencer Wilks. together

As part of the collaboration celebrating Land Rover’s 75-year history, the brewery on the island of Islay, which is also the birthplace of the brand, is launching 639 bottles of a limited-edition drink aged in cognac and sherry casks. That’s because the series of numbers appeared in the registration number of Wilks’ Series IIa Land Rover.

The interior of the 100 million SUV was drenched in whiskey 1

Photo: Land Rover

The rich, deep-tasting whiskey is only one side of the coin, the other is the Classic Defender Works V8 Islay Edition car itself.

The train, which will be produced in 30 copies, was inspired by the aforementioned Wilks IIa, and its interior has several decorative and functional elements, e.g. wood from the used barrels of the brewery also appears in the cup holder.

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The interior of the 100 million SUV was drenched in whiskey 2

There is also a removable tray made of American walnut hidden in the storage between the front seats, in the middle of which is decorated a disc made of the material of the barrels – with a diameter of 110 mm, which also pays tribute to the past of the model. It also features Kilchoman’s various factory markings, making each car unique.

They ask for 230,000 pounds (99.5 and 106.5 million HUF) for the 90 version of the whiskey barrel Classic Defender Works V8 Islay Edition, and 245,000 pounds for the 110 version.

The interior of the 100 million SUV was drenched in whiskey 14

Photo: Land Rover