The Institut Pompeu Fabra will host the Selectivity tests for students from Martorell and Gelida

The coronavirus crisis has caused some changes in the Selectivity 2020. The exams will be held in universities and also, as a novelty, in public and private secondary schools. The Generalitat has decided to expand the spaces to encourage compliance with the safety distances established by the health authorities. The Pompeu Fabra Institute in Martorell will welcome students from our town and also from Gelida. Another change is that the test will last four days, instead of the usual three, and will take place from 7 to 10 July.

The director of the Pompeu Fabra Institute, Xavier Joseph, says that they will attend “165 students from our center, the Joan Oró Institute and the La Mercè School in Martorell, as well as the Gelida Institute. They will be distributed in 18 classrooms that we have enabled respecting the two meters of distance between students and with all the security measures that the Generalitat has recommended to us ”.

Xavier Joseph, director Institut Pompeu Fabra

Exams will be distributed in time slots to avoid unnecessary contact in classrooms, hallways and accesses. The most numerous subjects are segregated and distributed in three days. You will need to wear a mask and rub your hands with hydroalcoholic solution when accessing the center, and also every time a paper or object is exchanged with someone.

It will only take up one-sixth to one-fifth of the total classroom capacity, and students will sit in the same place each day to take the tests. Students, teachers, and test staff are advised to bring water and food from home so that the vending and beverage machines where the tests are conducted will be turned off and the water sources sealed.

Xavier Joseph states that “we have the whole institute perfectly organized. Tables and chairs have been marked with crosses to indicate where they cannot sit. The corridors and classrooms have been labeled with the entrance and exit paths. We believe that the University Admission Tests that will be held at our center this year will be a great success ”.

Xavier Joseph, director Institut Pompeu Fabra

The organizing committee of the Selectivity 2020 tests has decided on new criteria to make different options more flexible in the exam statements and has also introduced adapted scores in some cases. The adaptation does not involve reducing the syllabus, as this could harm students due to the autonomy of the centers to program the contents. As for the statements, there will be more options and the number of questions, exercises and problems to be solved has been adapted so that students can choose from the total number of questions.

The results of the ordinary call will be announced on 27 July and the cut-off marks for the 2020-2021 academic year will be announced on 6 August. University pre-registration for the first year of the degree in public schools in Catalonia will be from 23 June to 29 July. Pre-registration will be done through the university access portal, as usual, and once done, students will be able to make changes of preferences until July 29.

The entrance test for those over 25 and 45 will be held on July 18. As for the personal aptitude tests (PAP) for the grades of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education that were to be done on April 25th they are scheduled for July 15th.