The ingenious method used by Brasov drivers to “trick” the barriers in the pedestrian areas of the city – VIDEO

Recently, on Postăvarului Street in Brașov, an intelligent barrier system was installed that allows access to the pedestrian area only to cars that have a Free Pass Permit issued by the City Hall of Brașov, as well as special vehicles of public institutions.

On this street the access is made with the help of video cameras that recognize the registration numbers registered in the barrier database.

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This way of access has been successfully implemented in many of the tourist cities in Europe, to facilitate both pedestrian access for tourists in historic areas, but also for vehicles belonging to riparians and businesses operating in these areas, informs

The license plate on the dashboard and the barrier rises

The Braşov Local Police found a phenomenon of violation of the access rules practiced by certain citizens. They use a registration number registered in the barrier databases.

When he approaches the barrier, I put him on board, and the barrier rises after he recognizes the license plate. In this way, they drive without right in the pedestrian area, disturbing tourists and residents who cannot move because of cars.

Police officers can give sanctions of up to 2,500 lei

The local police officers operating in the area immediately found these irregularities and started the procedure of identifying and sanctioning those who are responsible for violating the legal norms. Fines for these violations can reach up to 2,500 lei.

The local authorities in Brașov appeal to the civic spirit of the citizens to support the municipality by respecting the rules.