Back in 2008, the image of a Tibetan religious leader was laid out of 225 magic cubes by a street and mosaic artist in Paris, so to speak, in homage to Buddhist spiritualism. The work will be auctioned on July 5 by France’s most significant auction house, Artcurial, which is estimated to have a knockdown price of between € 300,000 and € 400,000.

In February 2020, the iconic magic dice, the Mona Lisa, sold several times more than expected for 480,480 euros, but its record was broken in December of the same year by another work by Invader, Rubik Space, for which he paid 492,600 euros (170 million forints at the current exchange rate). winning bidder. The knockdown price of the Mona Lisa was previously estimated at just € 150,000.

Invader, bourgeois Franck Slama, first placed the Rubik’s Cube in 2004 at the center of what he called rubikubism. The Mona Lisa was the first piece in a series that evokes some of the greatest paintings in art history — from Edouard Manet’s Breakfast Outdoors to Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World — from magic cubes.

The French street artist has conquered the streets of 65 cities in 33 countries with his works. He set up his largest street installation last year near the Pompidou Center in Paris. Several solo exhibitions have already been dedicated to his work.