The horror! Certain groups of residents are devastating the Košice lake and making the stay of holidaymakers unpleasant, PHOTO

Eva Mikulová

The mayor of the Nad Jezerom district, Lenka Kovačevičová, calls on citizens to report non-adaptable persons to the police immediately.

Lake Košice is a popular place for visitors. They can pleasantly relax, swim and do various sports here. Unfortunately, in recent years, since no entrance fee has been paid to the lake area, various maladapted citizens have started coming here.

They do the dump, they are noisy

“There is no one to stop these unadaptable screams and behaviors that repel people. Our beautiful environment is gradually blocked at the access points to the water surface, so that they “recreate” here and leave a noisy and almost always dirty memory (diapers, packaging for cheap snacks, rags, cracked inflatables …). they are without collars and wander uncontrollably, “

Dávid Kaško, a citizen of Košice, complained on the social network and added photos.

“I see ordinary citizens going away from them, not because we were only afraid of transmitting COVID-19. ‘These people can’t behave. They bring garbage here, they infuriate people, which we pay attention to cultural behavior in society, and they gradually push us out of this beautiful area. “ the citizen describes the situation indignantly.

His contribution was immediately supported by other people from Košice, who also have bad experiences with these groups of people.

There will be patrols on the lake

The mayor of the Košice – Nad jazerom district, Lenka Kovačevičová, also responded to the citizen’s initiative: “The City Police (MsP) patrol goes to the patrol and to the recreational site several times a day. They have it on the schedule for the whole summer. If they are not there when there are inadaptable citizens, then I ask everyone to report suspected law enforcement suspects to 159. The MsP patrol will arrive in a few minutes and report them. “

As she added, from Friday, July 3, a permanent patrol of the city district will also pay attention to order on the lake.

“We cannot ban any citizens from entering the premises, but everyone must abide by the operating rules and act in accordance with the law.” adds the mayor.

The area around the lake has been freely accessible for several years. Admission is not collected.