The former M5S at the Leopolda of conspiracy theorists, between positive vibrations and slow motion planets

Federico Fellini said that in Rome, in the summer, “there are only filmmakers and madmen”. But no: in Rome, in the summer, there are also conspiracy theorists. The orphans of the Five Star Movement, those who feel betrayed by the governance of Di Maio & C. The deputy no vax Sara Cunial brought them together in a two days (June 30-July 1, as we had anticipated), at the former Slaughterhouse in Rome, a place that saw a memorable conference by Alessandro Di Battista on Franco FCA some time ago. An incredible Leopold of the Conspiracy theorists who – after the unusual request to show a document at the entrance, to participate – has unfolded like a kind of spin off of the original Leopold. Renziana was in the former railway station of the same name, with politicians and various professionals, white shirts and heels. This in the former Roman slaughterhouse, in the city of the other economy, 34 degrees in the shade, an endless square of dirt and dust, gazebos, yoga mats, birkenstocks, bare feet, mandalas, shared synergistic gardens, multilateral barter, action plans lawsuits against AIFA (for vaccines) and the ministry of education (for masks at school), recyclable plastic trays with rice salad brought from home, distribution of stickers with «positive vibration». And with almost six hundred people who incredibly, for two long days in the middle of the week, baptized the last of the creatures jumped out of that magma that Vaffa grillino thickened for the first time and that since then takes ever darker forms and sectarian, ready for any eventuality.

This is therefore called R2020, flaunting a “community method” in explicit opposition to that “by delegation” of the M5S, relies on the most original and restless components of the parent company. Yet another tiny split – in the dozen in Italian politics – that tests the rules of physics and logic. But after all the base of the Movement was a territory of vast flora and fauna: from the former communist elector to the right-wing extremists passing through the conspiracy, the freaks and the no-vax, all categories excluded from the politics of the palace that they found in the vision of Grillo and Casaleggio a home for their concerns.

But governing is another thing, and those who believe in subcutaneous microchips, the theory of breath against negativity and the correlation between Covid and 5G do not seem very interested in accepting the Quirinale’s warnings or the recommendations of the European Union, so here is Sara Cunial with tanned arms and blue ballerinas smile all morning and in the afternoon go around the thematic tables, like at weddings. The figure of the regional councilor expelled from the Movement, Davide Barillari, no-vax leader, and the former deputy Ivan Catalano who, passed from Grillo to Pli, at the last regional elections in Emilia Romagna, often stood alongside her with the 3V Movement (Vaccini Vogliamo Verità). Until the eve, R2020 had to take advantage of the participation of pieces of Forza Nuova led by Giuliano Castellino and of “The boys of Italy” who then abandoned the deputy, defined several times by Castellino «the lioness who fights against the unique thought », She said at the end of selling herself to the same unique thought that those others – armed with clubs and slaps in the face – had tried to beat at the beginning of June at Circo Massimo. Indeed, in branding his event, Cunial enrolled his movement in the galaxy of anti-fascism, belatedly aware that making a holy alliance with the worst Italian right would not have benefited the chakras of the new political movement. Meanwhile, having lost Castellino, he flaunts nothing less than Aldo Moro, carried to the top as an extreme symbol of freedom, before the advent of the “regime”.

So when in the suffocating white heat that envelops the former Slaughterhouse of Testaccio, Maria Fida Moro, daughter of the president of the DC killed by the BR in 1978, takes the stage and – mirrored glasses, phosphorescent green shirt – explains that “democracy cannot It has been more »for a while but that one should not be afraid of Covid because« life is dangerous and something can always happen », the doubt arises of having a hallucination. But no, it’s all true: if anything, it’s the virus that doesn’t exist, of course. Masks and distances are in fact abolished, in this alternative Leopolda. Conspiracies, on the other hand, naturally go crazy, from 5G onwards, in this kind of parallel Italy that are told with each other. Now, in fact, the main task is one: we have to «put together the machine to stop what we want to impose», as the former Catalan grill from the stage explains. Complicated operation, because “they offer us everything” there is a “monstrous manipulation”. On which everyone agrees. Indeed “if we are confused it is not for our stupidity, but for their terrible violence”, explains highly acclaimed Maurizio Scardovelli, founder in Camogli of a “Free Popular University to implement the Constitution” (unialeph) and here known by all. From the stage and in the smallest tables, worries multiply. Maurizio Martucci of Stop at 5 G says that the Italians are «under attack» and articulates with an enviable precision that «in one year in the area of ​​Rome 700 antennas were mounted, of which 316 5 G» (they will make a sit in on 14 July, on the Capitol). Giuliana Conforto, author among other things of “The awakening and the cosmic game of man”, underlines the risks related to the motion of earth rotation: «I don’t know if you know it, but the motion is slowing down, and if the rhythms of the time, this debt-based world collapses. ” Help. In the meantime, “the economic and financial system has swallowed the legal system, which has swallowed the system of cultural freedoms. The situation is serious, ”says Sabino Pavone, of the Steiner-Valdorf schools’ board of applause. Steiner is very strong: Ambra Fedrigo, Friulian director, strongly recommends it. The Polish Piotr Javornik, vice-president of Stop Nop Poland, takes it out on Bill Gates and shouts: “Get your hands off the kids.” Adele La Monica, counselor, regressive hypnosis specialist, uncomfortable soul: “They want to get their hands on our conscience, our children, our soul”. Domenico Mastrangelo, one of many doctors, asks: “Are we afraid of germs? Are we afraid of Sars-Cov2? ” Rhetorical questions: of course not. We need to focus on handling systems. Of those yes, be afraid.

Sovereignty therefore. Food, “because there is little organic, you have to abolish the supply chain, cancel the concept of price”, as someone says. But also military: there is war around the corner. “The war can be getting closer and we must be ready”, clarified the deputy director of Pandora TV, Margherita Furlan, regretting Giulietto Chiesa – to whom is dedicated the room where the documentaries on Pfas, the biomass deal and wood are projected alive of the Xylella. Precise worlds, such as that of Enrica Perucchietti who explains how the battle against fake news hides the opposite of what it seems: in fact, it is actually “a witch hunt to censor dissent,” he says. But don’t worry. Alicia Erazo, who presents herself as High Commissioner for Human Rights, because she is part of a social organization in Ecuador called Conmissionado International Derechos Humanos (nothing to do with the UN), assures: «A big hug from Trump, a big hug for him who has not forgotten you, he knows what happened in Italy, he is with you, not with power ».

It is difficult to believe that Donald Trump hugs the assembly called by Cunial very strongly, but Alessandro Di Battista surely winks at him. It is impossible to imagine that this small army of conspiracy and negationists could find significant percentages inside the ballot boxes, but it can instead be an important numerical weight in a new Five Star Movement which, perhaps once the government experience has been archived and a farewell has been digested. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, could return to ride on the themes of the origins. With the brave Di Battista ready to lead and give breath to a coalition that puts at the center the ancient call of chemtrails and heavy metals of vaccines. We will see. For now, even outside the former slaughterhouse, the participants returning home are delighted to harangue their followers on Facebook with the live broadcasts, gesturing on their mobile phones. An unsuspecting taxi driver apostrophes them: “If you see that summer has arrived, the sun hurts your head.”