The European Commission now approves remdesivir as a coronary medicine

The European Commission has approved the use of the drug remdesivir for the treatment of seriously ill covid-19 patients.

The drug may shorten the hospital time for patients with covid-19, but demand is high and supply is limited.

The US has bought almost the entire stock, which means that there is hardly anything left for the rest of the world to come. Something that several international media have reported on and which manufacturer Gilead previously confirmed for TT.

Social Minister Lena Hallengren (S) announced on Thursday that the Swedish stock of remdesivir is not enough to match the need in the country. She hopes for the joint EU procurement planned.

At present, the Union has discussions with Gilead on how doses of the drug can be reserved and distributed among the member states.

Remdesivir is an antiviral drug, which is antibiotic-resistant to viruses. The drug, first developed to counteract Ebola, is sold by manufacturer Gilead under the Veklury brand.

The drug should prevent the corona virus from multiplying. The virus enters the body’s cells and propagates by using the cells’ own machinery. The medicine also enters the cells to stop this process.