The epidemic is spreading, protection measures are expected

In Serbia yesterday, a record number of patients with corona in June, the crisis headquarters is considering the return of measures today. A great holiday and anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo was marked. Trump’s negotiator is trying to find an agreement acceptable to both sides. The German approach is that Serbia must recognize the tearing of its entire province. She ran away from home to take the entrance exam.

Zlatibor, 27.06.2020 – in the village of Vodice on Zlatibor, a replica of the place El pasa from the time of the Wild West was made for tourists

The epidemic is gaining momentum

“Yesterday in Serbia, a record number of patients with corona in June,” reports Politika under the title “The army set up tents in Novi Pazar.” The paper adds that “it has been denied that children in Zvečanska Street are infected. Many think we have relaxed too much. “Whole families are infected in Vranje.”

“The Crisis Staff is considering returning the measures today,” Blic announced under the headline “The work of cafes is being shortened, clubs are being closed?” The paper reminds that “4,905 were tested yesterday, 254 were infected, 3 died, 31 on a respirator”, as well as that “it is possible to limit the number of people indoors”.

“New measures against the crown, nightclubs until 11 pm, restaurants until 7 pm ?!” publishes the Informer.

“Today, the government’s crisis headquarters” writes in Novosti. “Stricter measures on kovid 19”.

On the occasion of speculations about “new measures”, Kurir announces “Emergency situation in Belgrade? There is no graduation celebration, no ban on gathering more than 100 people “.

“Crown stops weddings and celebrations ?!” the headline is in the tabloid Alo.

“A new virus has been confirmed by the highest SNS officials who celebrated the victory in the headquarters on June 21,” Danas reports under the title “Korona kosi državni vrh”.

Vidovdan is marked

Novosti reports on the “celebration of Vidovdan” under the headline “Serbian flag was abducted in Gazimestan”. The paper states that “the KPS beat and arrested Stefan Trajković and Vojislav Simić.” He also conveys the statement of Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Serbia: “Vidovdan is our history, difficult and honorable.”

“A great holiday and anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo marked” is reported by the tabloid Alo under the headline “1,000 Serbs celebrated Vidovdan on Gazimestan!” The paper also quotes the President of Serbia, stating that it is from Instagram: “Vidovdan overcame the myth and became history, our history, difficult and too bloody. Those that we have no reason to be ashamed of today, on the contrary, but we have even less the right to use Vidovdan to deceive future generations. “


Kruševac, 28.06.2020 -, the state ceremony of laying wreaths and paying state and military honors on the occasion of marking the 631st anniversary of the battle in Kosovo was led by the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic, as an envoy of the President of the Republic


Informer announces that Milo’s “deacon” is threatening under the title “Storm for Serbs in Montenegro !?” The paper states that “Stevo Masanovic, the so-called deacon of the schismatic CPC and a former non-commissioned officer of the Yugoslav Army, announced the ethnic cleansing of Serbs.”

“Stones and bottles on Rakočević’s house” reports Novosti under the headline “Serbs in willows in Podgorica as well”

Trump, Serbia and Kosovo

“Elections in the United States are very important,” reports the Informer under the title “Trump’s salvation for Kosovo.”

“If Donald Trump wins second mandate, there would be small changes in US policy, which would be of great importance for Serbia and our position,” said President Aleksandar Vucic.

“He is not giving up, Trump: A new date for the meeting on Kosovo as soon as possible,” the Serbian Telegraph writes.

“Grenel offers the economy, Lajcak offers” maybe the EU “,” Politika reports from a conversation with Nebojsa Covic, former Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia. “Trump’s negotiator is trying to find an agreement acceptable to both sides. “The German approach is that Serbia must recognize the tearing of its entire province,” Covic said.

Changes in the Russian constitution

Politika published a conversation with a professor of constitutional law at Moscow’s Lomonosov University, Irinon Kenenov Pavlovna, entitled “All-Russian Vote on Amendments to the Constitution.” She says that “for the first time in Russia, a direct form of democracy will be applied as a way to change the highest state document.” Prof. Pavlovna talks about the essence of the changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the way the people declare themselves, the arguments that support the changes, and why opponents challenge their well-being, the Constitution of Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija.

The crisis of the Democratic Party

“Two sessions of the Main Committee of Democrats in two cities” is published by Blic under the title “Split in DS, shift in Sabac, unification agreement in Belgrade”.

“Some were excluded, others were reunited,” Danas reports about “the two main boards of the DS in Sabac and Belgrade.”

“Democratic Party in two parts” is published by Politika.


Sabac, June 28, 2020 – Continuation of the session of the Main Board of the Democratic Party, interrupted on June 21

It’s not realistic

Today, he publishes an interview with Aleksandar Šapić, the president of the municipality of New Belgrade and the leader of SPAS, entitled “It is not realistic for us and the SPS to be in the government.”

She ran away to enroll in math high school

“Found Tamara B. from Nis” is reported by Novosti under the headline “She ran away from home because of the admission!”

“The girl of genius raised half of Serbia to its feet”, informs Informer. “She ran away from home to enroll in math high school. Tamara Blažić (13) from Niš ran away because her parents did not allow her to enroll in an elite school. After the admission, the police found her sleeping in the GSP bus. “

Blic reports that “the story of the girl from Nis touched Serbia”. Under the headline “She ran away from home to take the entrance exam”, the paper reports that “TB (13), who disappeared on Saturday, was found yesterday in Belgrade, where she secretly went to take the entrance exam for the Mathematical Gymnasium because her parents did not agree with her wish.”

Gaddafi’s maid

“Exclusive confession, the journalist of Kurir worked for three years in the residence of the late leader of Libya”, this tabloid reports under the headline “I was Gaddafi’s maid”. The paper states “how he punished the bodyguards, why one of his sons constantly wore patched underwear, what was left of Tito, whether his wife Safija is from Mostar”.

Confession of a journalist

“Marić’s brutal interview” is published by the Serbian Telegraph under the title “Because of Tijanić, many were left without a head or money”. The paper explains that “the journalist and editor spoke about Djindjic, Kostunica and the conflict with the former RTS editor.” It is about Milomir Maric, the editor of “Happy TV”.