the electrical revolution of the Japanese brand

The best-selling crossover in Europe of the Japanese brand converts to electric to conquer the Old Continent

For its first 100% electric Lexus has focused on the conversion of its bestselling crossover, the Lexus UX already chosen by 25,000 customers in its first year of life (it is the best-selling Lexus in Europe). A winning formula, therefore, to make the transition to electricity not a real leap in the dark. And so the Japanese engineers have kept intact the distinctive features of design and practicality of the UX, focusing on the opportunity to exploit the unique performance advantages of fully electric cars. And thanks to an intelligent design and battery positioning, the result is BEV very similar to the successful version with thermal engine. On the battery-powered variant, however, there are distinctive details such as the exclusive wheels, a specific ‘Electric’ side badge and of course the doors for charging in DC and AC respectively on the rear left and right side.

The rims, created specifically for the Lexus UX300e, are available in 17 “or 18” sizes finished in gray and “air ventilated” with flaps on each side of the spokes, similar in shape to the “Gurney flap” installed on the rear wing of F1 cars to regulate the flow of air. air and increase downforce. In addition to the aesthetic effect, this new design offers greater stability when braking, increasing cooling efficiency and reducing turbulence along the sides of the car.


The new Lexus UX 300e it is equipped with aerodynamic bulkheads in the lower part of the front grille which, depending on the battery status, open and close automatically. When the air flow generated by the guide exceeds the necessary for cooling, the bulkheads are closed to optimize the air flow entering through the grille.

The aerodynamic moldings of the wheels and the rear light group are taken from the UX, with a reduction in air pressure of about 16% and an improvement in rear stability when cornering and with side winds.

Specific to the UX 300e, are also the covers of the bottom of the car enlarged and the bottom surface of the battery that has been made flat and smooth, creating an aerodynamic surface in the underbody.


The cockpit features a central console with easily accessible controls, an intelligent central arm rest with integrated audio controls at your fingertips and the instrumentation has been specially designed with a digital speedometer that creates a sporty look, an indicator of driving autonomy and a four-level deceleration indicator. Finally, the guide selector replaces the traditional gear lever.


The lithium-ion battery is installed under the rear seats and under the floor, which keeps the interior space unchanged, indeed with the boot volume increased by 47 liters compared to the Hybrid UX 250h variant (from the loading floor to the compartment cover ) up to 367 liters (up to the awning).

Lexus UX 300e will be introduced in selected markets in Europe later this year.