Driving a school bus is a stressful and extremely responsible task, as the driver has to make sure that he always arrives on time, drives safely and follows the designated route. However, in Southfield, Michigan, a school bus driver ignored the last point: one of the workers involved in the road renovation was videotaped as he drove through the still fresh concrete without hesitation.

In many ways, the clearly hasty maneuver did not end well: on the one hand, the school bus, due to its heavy weight, was slightly immersed in the concrete and was able to get out of there by spinning its rear wheels, but cut home for hours of work.

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All this could be increased, moreover: the driver switched to the other lane and then drove to another fresh concrete surface. At this point, the workers were left with just a desperate shout, though that no longer saves them from the extra work.

The internet community feels almost like a person with road renovators, which actually makes the school bus driver responsible for the damage done. Of course, there are also those who have defended the driver, saying it must meet strict standards for the route. Common sense, however, dictates that despite clear warning signs, this manifestation is not the most sporty.