the diamond signature electric car exceeds 10,000 units in June

He Renault ZOE confirms the upward trend noted in the month of May and records a record result, registering 10,944 units registered in the European market in June 2020. The return to commercial activity has favored the signing of the diamond in the fifth month of the year after a difficult period due to the pandemic.

In fact, in France last month the company experienced a 355% increase in orders for the small battery-powered car, which benefits in Spain from the new Plan Moves of purchase aids.

France and Germany, two markets with high demand

Zoe 3

European numbers are very positive. According to data from the French firm, the registrations of the small electric have increased 107% in June compared to the same month the previous year.

In addition to the strong boost in registrations in France, with 7,500 units, 1,990 units were requested in Germany, 117% more.

In Europe the accumulated of the year has a clear winner: the Tesla Model 3, with 20,512 units registered (13% more). But the ZOE is on its heels with 20,438 units. They are followed by the Volkswagen e-Golf, the Peugeot e-208 and the Nissan Leaf.


In Spain the ZOE took the podium in June with 118 units registered (978 accumulated in 2020), followed by the Peugeot e-2008 with 71 and the Volkswagen e-Golf with 52.

However, electric car registrations in Spain have registered a decrease of 35.1% in June compared to the same month the previous year, with a sales volume of 908 units, according to Anfac data.

They represented 0.9% of the total market last month, indicating that, in addition to the economic ravages of the pandemic, the electric vehicle is still far from settling.

With a starting price of 29.128 euros, and therefore ‘player’ in the Moves 2 purchase aid plan, the renovated electric Renault ZOE It landed in the Spanish market at the end of last year and its offer was recently modified, eliminating the option of batteries for rent.

Now can only be purchased together with batteries.

The Renault ZOE Life R110 is the access version and is equipped with a 40 kWh battery that powers the 80 kW (109 hp) electric motor. Its autonomy approved in WLTP is 300 kilometers.

Hope for lithium ion batteries


The truth is that, although the horizon is still quite black in the automotive sphere, the forecasts are even hopeful.

According to a new report by the International Energy Agency, the number of electric cars is expected to reach almost 10 million this year globally, as sales are holding up well to the onslaught of the pandemic.

In 2019, 2.1 million electric vehicles were sold, 2.6% of total car sales worldwide despite the market slowing down by 6%.

After China, where a million electric cars were sold, Europe was the second largest market, with 561,000 battery electric vehicles sold in 2019. The United States followed with 327,000 units.

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