The desolation of a doctor before what he is seeing in his office: “Very sad”


The doctor’s tweet

Sergi Godia, a family doctor who works in the province of Lleida, He has shown his sadness and concern on Twitter for what he is seeing daily in his office.

“Covid outbreaks everywhere, the usual banalities in the waiting room, businessmen who do not understand that contacts should stay home and not go to work …”, he wrote before regretting that “we still do not respect the measures minimum prevention ”.

In another tweet, the professional attaches a graph showing an increase in cases of coronavirus in Lleida in recent days.

“And just because of this, this happens in spite of the efforts of many …”, he laments.

Precisely this Friday the Catalan Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, has asked the Government of Aragon that the Huesca citizens of “the Strip” do not go to the Arnau hospital in Vilanova de Lleida to protect the health center, which is seeing an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 and the number of hospitalizations for people from Lleida infected is growing.

Speaking to Catalunya Ràdio, Vergés assured that at the moment they are not considering making “selective confinements in Lleida, understood as the one that was done in Conca d’Ódena because most of the mobility is taking place within the same area, where we see that the cases are increasing significantly. ”

In Lleida there are at least eight active outbreaks of COVID-19 that, according to the minister, “are worrisome” so that they do not become uncontrolled community transmission, and he has recognized that “some entrances to the hospital and the ICU indicate that we must act ”Since in one week the positives for coronaviruses have doubled in Lleida, from 167 last week to 325 this week.