The Dakar Rally is the toughest off-road race in the world, and it’s already commendable for someone to reach their finish line. This year, two Hungarian and two cross-border but Hungarian-bound riders fought with elements of the Saudi desert for nearly two weeks.

Zsolt Darázsi Pierre Calmon, Palco Lubomir with French-Slovak navigator pair, while Norbert Szalai the Spanish-French duo Charly Rodriguez-O-Malley, Patrice Daviton, started this year’s show with a truck.

The Dakar Rally is over, so the Hungarians closed 2

In a composite of the two of them, Darázsi was better behind the wheel of the MAN truck with start number 546. After the 11th stage of the 12-stage rally, it was ranked 46th overall, while the Mercedes with a start number of 544, driven by Szalai, was ranked 50th. On the closing day, according to the official time trial, they both gave up the fight, however, it is possible that the organizers have this in their hands, as only 20 trucks gave up the race that day.

The Dakar Rally is over, so the Hungarians closed 3

The most successful stage of the washers was the eighth, at which time their team finished in 30th place, while the Szalai had the 10th stage, finishing in 38th place.

Starting in Serbian colors for motorcyclists Gábor Saghmeisterand the Transylvanian Gyenes Emánuel (in the opening picture) they competed in perhaps the toughest dakar category. The point of Original by Motul is that they can expect nothing but themselves: in a single service box, they have all the equipment that the service truck takes between the rest areas. After arriving at their destination, they could use the tools in the crate to tinker and repair their engines, in this case two KTMs.

The Dakar Rally is over, so the Hungarians closed 4

They both finished the rally: Gyenes finished in the upscale 40th place, and Saghmeister finished in the overall 106th place in the overall finish beyond the X in the 11th Dakar. Their best stage result is a 37th place (Gyenes, stage 7) and a 101st place (Saghmeister, stage 5).