“The current step of the government is the last stop of a cultural struggle”

Hundreds of students and sympathizers sang in front of Parliament on Friday morning as they voted inside. The participants sang, danced in a circle, rejoiced at each other and grieved over the situation.

They want to jump the Hungarians together, a middle-aged man explained to a acting student in front of Parliament on Friday morning with violent gestures. The students called those who are in solidarity with them, that is, they oppose the vote on the transformation of the institution, to sing together under the title First Warning. To sing because a few days ago, when they met with Minister Palkovics, the head of the ministry told them he thought they would sing. Well now they were singing and even dancing around, sunbathing, hugging each other. You could say they had a good time. They did what they love, for which they applied to the university, which was shamefully stamped by representatives of the authorities. They were emphatically not prepared for a political event. But as usual, some politicians showed up at the event. True, the organizers kept them away from the occasional platform.

Mayor Gergely Karácsony arrived with his immediate associates. The photos were taken right away. The mayor did not give a speech now, not like last year’s protest against the theater law in December in Madách Square. – Fidesz believes that cultural values ​​can be created in words of power. All tyranny is trying to do this, but in the long run none of them have been successful, we wanted to demonstrate this with our presence, ”the mayor replied to our paper when he came out to Parliament. And now we’re going to sing, ”he added with a smile.

To do this, participants were handed out lyrics to the volunteers. And the three-member band has already tuned on stage. Tamás Rozs spoke to our newspaper. – I mainly like to play music and be with young people. But this requires the free medium. I feel that the government’s current move is the last stop in a cultural struggle. I taught musical acting at the University of Kaposvár for a long time, but after an open letter from the Hungarian Theater Society, I thought I couldn’t stay there, so I came. Not to mention that there is still something to sweep up professionally in the Kaposvár institution. The students invited me to play music and I was happy to come. I felt this was the place. It would be good if the generation of young people would overcome the division that has just developed over time. In this situation, it is good to sing and play music with them.

Mihály Csernai, the president of the SZFE Student Self-Government, told our newspaper that singing is intended as a first gesture, a warning. Meanwhile, singing began under the leadership of Tamás Rozs. And the songs came. The first: “I wish you a good morning, the decision-makers have come! That is what we say to you, do not vote! ” An opposition MP from Parliament waved an EU flag out of one of the windows.

Eliza Sodró, the young actress of the Radnóti Theater, who graduated from Kaposvár, tried to make herself useful in a vest with a director’s inscription. In the meantime, I asked him why he came to the demonstration. – At that time, as a student in Kaposvár, I experienced what it is like to force a functioning education system from above. Now that I heard that something similar was happening to the Performing Arts, my previous traumas were sharply ripped into me, even my dreams at the time were back. I felt I owed my former twenty-two-year-old myself enough to stand up for the students at the University of Theater and Film. Let me support them in what we could not do at the time. We just can’t let them decide over our heads!

Then came folk songs, the slightly rewritten hits: “Sad morning with a hundred bold students, / I waited for my sweetheart with a real discussion, / A dream-chasing Friday morning, / The swing of our request came back without you, / patience./ Sad University. And I was really disappointed when it was announced in the square: an amendment to the law was passed in Parliament, according to which the University of Theater and Film Arts will operate in the form of a foundation in the future. The singing continued, and the “Free Country, Free University” chanting was even heard. And then the well-known folk song from Kalotaszeg: “I am the one who is not good / The upward opener / Áj ná ná ná ná ná ná ná. I open the sky / Enough under the graves / Áj ná ná ná ná ná ná ná. ”

The transformation of the University of Theater and Film Arts was voted

On Friday, Parliament passed a law on the “Foundation for the University of Theater and Film Arts, the Foundation for the University of Theater and Film Arts and the Transfer of Wealth to the University of Theater and Film Arts”. The amendment to this law was passed by the Parliament with 135 votes in favor and 60 against. Parliament called on the government to take the necessary steps, on behalf of the state, to establish a Foundation for Theater and Film Arts in the form of a public trust. The change also covers the assets to be provided to the foundation.