The cup of patience has overflowed! Apple is after Chinese developers

Apple has recently launched a major raid in China. Due to rule violations, it deletes a lot of Chinese applications from the App Store.

Apple in China, illustration photo: TechCrunch

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A foreign portal hurried with this rather surprising news Engadget with reference to Financial Times. The apple company is currently giving a stop to thousands of Chinese applications on the App Store. The reason is the non-compliance with much stricter license statutes, which Apple informed the local developers well in advance.

To App Store and without a license?

Suspending updates and possibly deleting applications (especially games) is definitely not a “buzz” for Apple, because the Chinese App Store is a significant source of revenue. The nearly $ 16.4 billion it generates year-on-year is a sufficient argument. In defense of developers, the process of obtaining licenses is lengthy and in many cases ends in denial.

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Apple has not paid much attention to licensing procedures in the past compared to competing Google. Not that he was frivolous, not at all. It only gave developers the opportunity to upload an application to the store at the time of the licensing process, because in China it is usually a long matter for several months. However, he encountered a misunderstanding with the Chinese government, due to which he had to start a purge.

App Store, illustration | photo: Apple

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We told you

Although the American company informed the developer about the subsequent tightening of conditions at the beginning of this year, the situation did not improve much. According to Chinese government shame, of the approximately 60,000 games, only about 43,000 have the necessary licenses to date. The rest is unlucky.

Apple reiterated in February that missing licenses are a problem and, at the request of the government, the apps in question will be banned or deleted immediately.

He repeated the same attempt last month. He stressed to developers that they must get their licenses in order by June 30, otherwise a ban will follow. Day “D” came, and Apple simply ruthlessly punched it.