The Craziest Volkswagen Golf 4

This Volkswagen Golf 4 could scare drivers of BMW M5 or Audi RS 6 Avant.

The eighth generation Volkswagen Golf currently has three sporty variants: the 245-horsepower GTI petrol, the 245-horsepower rechargeable hybrid GTE and the 200-horsepower GTD diesel.

This Golf must receive at least two other sporting variants, more powerful and more powerful: a GTI “TCR” of 300 horses and the R strong of its all-wheel drive and its 4 cylinders of more than 300 horses. At the time of the Golf 4, however, you had to be content with the R32 and its 241 horsepower. Power that was enough to make it the most powerful compact in the world.

Over 600 virtual horses?

Yasid Design has looked into the case of this fourth generation Golf. Thanks to a monstrous body kit and very impressive aerodynamic appendages, the old German compact looks ready to tackle much bigger than it. But all this is obviously only virtual …