The cousins ​​are friends and our second siblings – different

Your cousins ​​represent a unique family bond. These close relatives enrich your childhood and adolescence.

The psychological and social environment of the close ties you form with your cousins ​​is similar to that of parents and siblings.

Cousins ​​are these unique friends who, in addition to the common parental or patronymic adjective, have shared thousands of adventures, created thousands of memories and formed key pieces of your maturity.

We invite you to take a closer look at this remarkable relationship and encourage your children to strengthen these family ties.

The cousins, these separate second brothers

Anthropologists tell us something quite interesting; not all cultures give the same value to family relationships. There are some countries where family contact is limited to certain phone calls and meetings once a month or something.

However, in other cultures, daily or regular contact is common, and several generations may even live together under the same roof, caring for the elderly due to financial need or simply reciprocity.

Many people grow up with their cousins ​​and sometimes their homes are only a few meters away even with their grandparents coming to pick you up from school because your parents are at work.

This daily and regular contact, which is loaded with acts of love and respect, is a deep-rooted value in some cultures and can benefit everyone – young and old.

Let’s see what your cousins ​​can do for your childhood and what role they play in your life when you grow up.

A way to socialize outside of the immediate family circle

When a child is born, his first interface is with his parents and siblings. Long before you start a friendly relationship with your classmates, you will have social contact with your cousins ​​that will be very beneficial.

  • The quality of the relationship between cousins ​​can be determined by a positive relationship between siblings. If you do not have this loving relationship then you will probably not get it outside of your immediate family circle.
  • In fact, it is not uncommon for many people not to know their cousins ​​because their parents stopped having sex with their siblings at some point.
  • On the other hand, if the contact is positive the child will gain several things from this special friendship and this emotional element will create a lasting impression.

Cousins ​​are these second siblings with whom you can learn more about your grandparents, enjoy vacations and weekly adventures together, get lost, explore, disagree, laugh, and create the “cognitive reserve” that it helps us all to grow internally.

Your cousins, your friends for a lifetime

One thing we all know is that it is not possible to get along just as well as all our cousins, either on our mother’s side or on our father’s side.

  • You will be more suited to those with which your values ​​match and their personality traits offer you support and joy when you need it most. With these, you were together from your childhood and you entered adulthood together.
  • Another common thing that can happen is that several people have a much better relationship with their cousins ​​than with their siblings.
  • These are normal interfaces that shouldn’t bother you so much.
  • No family obligation can make you feel different about a person; you should always follow your heart and the voice of your conscience, but always with respect.
  • Cousins ​​can be best friends – they can be soulmates who you can rely on until the last minute of your life.

Encourage your children’s relationships with their cousins

If you have a good relationship with your siblings and your partner’s family, do not hesitate to encourage certain gatherings where adults can enjoy a pleasant company and the younger members of the family can spend some time together.

  • Don’t forget that children, especially in the first six years of their lives, are at an excellent stage where every event counts.
  • If you promote games, adventures, afternoon snacks, pranks and songs among cousins, you will not only offer them moments of happiness but also amazing memories that will help them develop with joy and feel that they are loved ones.

Let your children have the same positive relationship with their cousins ​​as you had with your own.