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New coronavirus COVID-19.

Betty and Curtis Tarpley, who had been married for 53 years, died in COVID-19 at Texas Hospital for several minutes in a row.

The couple attended the same high school in Illinois as the adults fell in love in California, married, and raised two children together. They died on June 18, spending the last moments of their lives together, holding hands. That’s what their son Tim Tarpley told CNN.

His mother was 80 years old and for several days she felt sick. He took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with COVID-19. She was hospitalized on June 9 and her 79-year-old husband two days later. The 52-year-old son said his father was in the intensive care unit and well. The nurses helped him get to his wife’s room so they could be together. However, the senior woman’s condition worsened and she called both children to let them know that she was “ready to leave.” The children also informed the father about the mother’s condition, who subsequently also became offended.

Tarpley said paramedics allowed the couple to spend the last moments together in the intensive care unit. The nurse told Curtis that his wife had been taken to the room. The man tried to look at Betty, but he was too weak. “He knew what we had told him. He knew she was there, “said paramedic Blake Throne, who then placed the woman’s hand on Curtis’s. “They knew each other so well that they could communicate without words,” their son added. Betty died 20 minutes later and her husband followed her after about 45 minutes.

The man does not know where his parents became infected with the new coronavirus. He clarified that they had spent most of their time at home since March, where he occasionally came to check on them. Now the son must also go to quarantine, as the virus was also detected in him.

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